Day: October 3, 2016

Chicago Bears Week 4 Reaction: "So You're Telling Me There's A Chance!"

Bear Down Chicago BEARS! The Chicago Bears finally get their first victory of the season. This win felt all too good as it was a win at home vs a division rival they haven’t beat since Lovie Smith was the coach. I must pat myself on the back as I called that this game was going to be a weird one; however, no one could have predicted a fan dressed as the famous gorilla Harambe running onto the field wearing an “All Lives Matter” shirt. Here are my takeaways from the Bears victory.   Jordan Howard is the future....

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Karate's Big Break? Welcome to Tokyo 2020

Everybody is aware of the existence of martial arts, but in many cases, that’s the extent of it; general awareness that martial arts are a thing with no knowledge beyond the highly inaccurate stereotypes derived from the Karate Kid movies (thanks a lot, Ralph Macchio).  Yes, there is the UFC and MMA, but each sport in its own, non-aggregated form is forced to live out a very underground existence, especially in the United States.  There are several layers to this as not everybody that practices martial arts views them as a sport.  Whether for sport, self-defense, art, or personal...

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