Chicago Bears Week 4 Reaction: "So You're Telling Me There's A Chance!"

Bear Down Chicago BEARS! The Chicago Bears finally get their first victory of the season. This win felt all too good as it was a win at home vs a division rival they haven’t beat since Lovie Smith was the coach. I must pat myself on the back as I called that this game was going to be a weird one; however, no one could have predicted a fan dressed as the famous gorilla Harambe running onto the field wearing an “All Lives Matter” shirt. Here are my takeaways from the Bears victory.

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Jordan Howard is the future. Well yet again I called this, Jordan Howard looked really impressive and already Bears fans are excited to have Howard in the backfield. He in no way has looked like a rookie out there as on Sunday he rushed for 111 yards and protected the football extremely well. I know many are saying his success was from a terrible Lions defense, but I disagree. I think as a rookie getting his first NFL start, he looked extremely impressive. It is not common for someone to rush over 100 yards their first start in the NFL, last Bear to do that was Matt Forte just saying… I cannot wait to see Howard  continuing to improve his game. In my mind, he is the clear starter in the backfield when Jeremy Langford returns from injury.

Great effort by the defense. With having a few starters back from injury, the Bears defense looked very impressive. They managed to keep Stafford and company out of the end zone for the entire game. The Lions only touchdown was due to a punt return TD late in the 4th quarter. The defense also managed to grab two interceptions, one of which was extremely sloppy but we will take it! I was very impressed with their ability to stop Detroit in the red zone. Hopefully, more starters can return to play and continue to improve the D.

Quarterback Questions. Again, did I call it or what? I knew that Hoyer was going to fill in and look decent and people would call for him to replace Jay Cutler. Brian Hoyer has looked extremely impressive these past two games and has been doing a great job protecting the football. He has managed to hookup nicely with my guy Zach Miller, having 3 TDs in 2 games to the big fella. Not too shabby! So now the question is this, who is the Bears starting QB when Cutler is healthy? Do you go with the guy that has been the “face” of the Bears for the past few years that they have dedicated themselves to, or do you go with the 30 year old veteran Hoyer for the rest of the season and give signs that Cutler’s days in Chicago are all but over? My opinion is this, let’s see what happens. I wouldn’t rush Jay Cutler back from his injury. Let’s have Hoyer play this Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts and see how good he really is. Don’t forget how bad Hoyer looked in the preseason and last year’s playoff game vs the Chiefs as a Texan. He has looked impressive these last two games, but I would like to see just one more game before Chicago goes all “bye-bye” to Cutler. Regardless, I think Cutler is/should be gone at the end of the season.

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MILLER TIME. The funniest part of Sunday’s game was Zach Miller scoring a TD. I have been recovering from a dreadful cold and my parents told me before the game that they were not going to allow me to drink any Millers (yes I still live at home DEAL WITH IT I’M ONLY 23). Here’s what happened when Zach Miller scored: my eyes lit up and I jumped off the couch. My dad immediately turned into an NBA point guard and got into a defensive position, protecting me from getting anywhere near the fridge. Sadly, there were not any beers drank to celebrate, but I learned one thing: the Chicago Bulls should sign a defensive machine/crafty veteran from Western Springs, the original Condor, my dad- Bob Conlon.

Kicking Problems. Wow… Can the Bears just say “sorry” to Robbie Gould and resign him? This new kicker Connor Barth is BRUTAL! Honestly, they should start bringing in kickers to practice because this guy just sucks! He missed a 50 yard field goal late in the first half which almost led to a Detroit score. You might be saying “well 50 yards is far!” Yeah well it was a day with no wind at all and that is his JOB! Please start bringing in other kickers to practice, or resign Robbie. Let’s just get a guy who we can rely on please!

What this win means. The win means 1 or 2 things. 1) The Bears are not done yet and will compete better in games now or 2) Fluky win against a bad team and we just got a worse draft pick. Amazing how most of my friends think number 2 is the answer, but you are kind of wrong. I think the Bears can be an 8-8 team so long as they win these next two against winnable Colts and Jags. Is 8-8 playoff material/something to dance about? No, but I would rather see the Bears showing signs of improvement than tanking on the season and getting a top 5 pick. I want to see more young players succeed like Jordan Howard, Kevin White, Cody Whitehair, and Deiondre’ Hall to prove that GM Ryan Pace has a good idea of what he is doing. If the Bears have a better record than last year, 6-10, then I will be very happy, even if it means no playoffs. I want to see this team to continue to improve and show that the Bears are a team that is no easy W on the schedule.


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