ESPN's E60 On Nate Ebner Is The Kind Of Motivation We All Need More Of

ESPN made an E60 detailing the life and times of Nate Ebner, most famous for being a special team superstar for the New England Patriots but is also a world class rugby player. Ebner is from Ohio, one tough mother, and is the son of a mechanic, Jeff Ebner, who played rugby at the University of Minnesota. Jeff Ebner was Nate’s role model throughout his childhood but was murdered during an armed robbery. Nate would go on to walk on to the Ohio State football team and excel at both football and rugby. I’m not gonna give a full break down of the E60 because it was really well done and you should check it out for yourself but I’m just doing my civic duty or bringing it to the attention of our wonderful LMBF audience. Personally, I’m so over 30 for 30s and E60s because most of them are about dumb stuff like the Marquette team that didn’t tuck in their jerseys but this one actually brought some me some perspective about things. There were a million of opportunities for Nate Ebner to just give up but he never entertained the thought. I wish I had a tenth of his drive. It’s guys like him and the community college football player cum immortal Super Bowl hero, Malcolm Butler, that keep me from being another Patriot hater. I guess I’m just a sucker for underdog stories.

Anyway, consider this but another notch in the bedpost of LMBF exposing work-a-day schmucks about non-mainstream sports, like karate. I hope that I’m at least scratching that itch that most Americans have for full on contact sports. Check out THIS and THAT for more rugby content going on in the US.

Oh, and here’s some highlights



The narrator made it seem like it was a failure for Ebner and the Eagles to not win the gold at Rio. I’m not a participation trophy guy and USA is actually kinda good at 7s but we are a LONG way off from taking home hardware on the international stage.


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