LMBF MLB Awards Show

Welcome to the 2016 LMBF MLB Awards Show, where our esteemed writers Charlie Wooding, Steve Campbell, B-Frank himself, John Hayes, Nick Anton, Nick Phillips, Jack Cooney and Big Hank Lockie selected their top 3 for the AL and NL MVP, Cy Young and ROTY. These 8 men consist of 6 Cubs fans, a Dodger fan and a White Sox fan so that voting might be JUST A BIT biased. Lets get this party started

AL MVP- Mookie Betts, Boston Red Sox


Final Tally

  1. Mookie Betts, 15
  2. Mike Trout, 12
  3. Jose Altuve, 12
  4. David Ortiz, 6
  5. Josh Donaldson, 2
  6. Mark Trumbo, 1

Betts, who is due to turn 24 on October 7th had an absolutely monster year for Boston putting up a .318 BA with 31 HRs and 113 RBI. He was 4 SBs shy of the the 30-30 club. He ranked top 5 in the AL in BA, RBI, Runs Scored, and SBs while also finishing top 10 in SLG and OPS. He helped lead Boston to 93 wins and the AL East title. –B-Frank

Editor’s Note: This is stupid. I was the only one to vote for Mike Trout because I’m the only smart one. If you close this blog now I don’t blame you. Then again, 6 Cubs fans voted for these awards so you really can’t expect much baseball knowledge to be displayed in this vote. – Charlie Wooding

NL MVP: Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs


Final Tally

  1. Kris Bryant, 23 (Jack Cooney voted Rizzo 1st, so he isn’t unanimous. Nice job idiot)
  2. Nolan Arenado, 10
  3. Anthony Rizzo, 8
  4. Corey Seager, 4
  5. Daniel Murphy, 3

Second year slugger from Las Vegas, Kris Bryant, deserves to win the 2016 NL MVP award. Bryant’s stats speak for themselves: 121 runs (leads the league), 39 HRs (3rd in the NL), 102 RBIs (6th in the NL), 554 slugging percentage (4th in the league), and a solid 292. batting average. He and fellow teammate, Anthony Rizzo, were the catalysts behind the Cubs’ 103-58 record, and a run differential of +252 (68 runs better than the next best team). The Cubs dominated everyone in 2016 and Bryant was one of the main reasons. He displayed an uncanny defensive versatility as he started in all 3 outfield spots, several games at 1st base, and his usual 3rd base position. Wins above replacement (WAR) is an all encompassing sabermetric stat that displays “a player’s total contributions to his team”. Bryant produced a WAR of 7.67, trailing only AL MVP candidates Mike Trout and Mookie Betts. He was only 1 of 2 NL players to make it in the top 10. Bryant has every right to win the MVP award and should be presented with the trophy after the Cubs win the world series in early November. – Big Hank Lockie

AL Cy Young: Rick Porcello, Red Sox


Final Tally

  1. Rick Porcello, 17
  2. Zach Britton, 12 (Editors Note, smh. You can guess what 6 people voted for him…)
  3. Corey Kluber, 11
  4. Chris Sale, 2
  5. Justin Verlander, 2
  6. JA Happ, 2
  7. Aaron Sanchez, 1

Porcello’s standout stat was his sterling 22-4 record, but he wasn’t just a product of a dominant offense, putting up a 145 ERA+ and 1.009 WHIP, so I felt he was a justifiable choice. Honestly, none of these candidates had Cy Young quality years, so I went with the guy who had a legendary takedown of Kevin Youkilis years before. –Nick Anton

NL Cy Young: Kyle Hendricks, Chicago Cubs


Final Tally

  1. Kyle Hendricks, 15
  2. Max Scherzer, 13
  3. Jon Lester, 10
  4. Jose Fernandez, 7
  5. Clayton Kershaw, 2
  6. Madison Bumgarner, 1

2.13 ERA (Best in Major League Baseball), 0.98 WHIP (2nd in Major League Baseball), .207 AVG (5th in Major League Baseball). This is the same guy that barely got through four innings at home in Game 3 of the 2015 NLCS. Just absolutely remarkable growth from one year to the next. The Cubs have been the story of baseball, and Kyle Hendricks has been the story of the Cubs. Class is back in session this Saturday night at Wrigley, and we look forward to seeing you there, Professor. –Nick Surges

NL ROTY: Corey Seager, Los Angeles Dodgers


Seager was unanimous taking home all 8 votes. We just voted for 1st place so that’s all.

Seager was an MVP candidate in his rookie year, putting up one of the best rookie seasons in baseball history. The younger brother of Kyle slashed an incredible .308/.365/.512 over the course of his rookie campaign while providing solid defense at possibly the most demanding position in the sport; SS. The future is bright for #5, expect to see him on a few more MVP lists in the near future . – John Hayes

AL ROTY: Gary Sanchez, New York Yankees


Final Tally

  1. Sanchez, 7
  2. Fulmer, 1

Sanchez was the clear choice here, jacking an absurd 2o HR’s in 2 months of play. Sanchez wasn’t called up until after the Yankees trade deadline sale, and he was more of a mid season upgrade any of the players teams acquired on July 31st. Sanchez replaced the great Alex Rodriguez at DH, which sparked a late season push from the Bronx Bombers. The future is bright for the young catcher, and so he takes home LMBF’s AL ROTY. – Charlie Wooding


James Shields and Jason Heyward. Thanks for the great seasons boys!


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How many James Shields pitches would it take Hayward to go deep? Would he even be able to go deep? Mind pretzel of the year right there



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