Let Me B-Frank Podcast: October 5

This week John is on assignment in Cleveland, Ohio so Pete steps in with Brian to discuss the NFL, Ryder Cup and the start of the NBA and NHL Preseasons. The guys have guest Tom Callahan on for an interview and finish up the week with their segments, including a great exchange between Metta World Peace and a reporter.

0:52 NFL Talk

4:49 Bears have finally won a game

6:26 Ryan Fitzpatrick stinks

12:15 The Vikings are really, really good

13:51 Ryder Cup

16:56 NBA/NHL Preseasons have begun

17:24 Bulls #0 is not Aaron Brooks anymore, the more you know

18:02 Tom Callahan Interview

43:45 Top 5 – Baseball phrases/cliches

47:13 Celebrity Tweets

48:13 Metta World Peace is insane

50:06 Stat of the Week

51:48 What are we looking forward to this weekend?




People forget: Gordon Bombay only coached the Ducks because it was a court order.

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