Win or Lose…I'm Sorry if I Put Any of You in the Hospital

Due to a very important prior familial engagement (my parents needing a ride to the airport), I was only able to play my drinking game for the second half of the football game last weekend.  Although it turned out to be the less eventful half of the game, I still feel that I owe anybody that attempted to play my game an apology.  When I started playing, changes were needed almost immediately.  I hope that you all came to the same realization as quickly as I did…my original rules were not to be followed (find original rules here).  I’m rather experienced in the realm of playing drinking games, but when it comes to making them, I’m still, admittedly, just a novice.  But hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day.  I decided to make a few changes to the game so that it is actually physically possible to play.  We’ll see if this week goes any better than last week.  I now realize a rule requiring a finished beer for every touchdown in a game where the Irish put up 50 points is nothing short of insane.  So here are the new rules:


One Drink of Beer

  • Every Irish first down
  • Kizer is sacked or an Irish player is tackled for a loss
  • Anybody punts
  • Irish record a tackle for loss
  • Justin Yoon makes a field goal
  • The Irish fumble but recover the ball
  • NC State scores (touchdown or field goal)


Five Second Chug

  • The Irish fail a 4th down conversion
  • The Irish score a touchdown
  • Kizer throws an interception


Finish Your Beer

  • Justin Yoon misses a field goal (or extra point)
  • Anybody scores a defensive touchdown
  • Halftime


Take a Shot

  • The Irish fumble the ball AND turn it over
  • The Irish get a sack (because that NEVER happens)
  • NC State runs a kickoff or punt back for a touchdown
  • Anybody converts a 2 pt. conversion


Special Rule

  • If the Irish get an interception, chug your beer from the time the defender catches the ball until he is tackled


So I hope that these rules will prove to be a bit more bearable and rational.  I’ll give this one a try and make any more necessary changes after Saturday.  Once again, stock up, Go Irish, and drink like a champion Saturday!


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