Day: October 7, 2016

Donald Trump and Billy Bush Should Stop Hanging Out 

Friday afternoon: A 2005 tape of TV personalities Donald Trump and Billy Bush surfaced. In it, the men hold a particularly appalling conversation about the advantages of being famous, rich, handsome, etc. and how it relates to their interactions with attractive women. Trump recounts a story in which he failed to close with a married woman whom he had taken furniture shopping (sweet date), and Bush giggles along like a little brother trying to fit in as if he can relate.  The tape, which can be viewed here, gets more cringeworthy with each sentence. At one point, Donald proudly...

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Rutgers' Helmets Are By and Far The Best Thing About Their Program

I am arguably the biggest Rutgers hater out there. Despise the school. It is absolutely inferior to my Alma Mater Seton Hall in every way and doesn’t belong anywhere near the Big Ten. But theses helmets are Top 3, maybe even the best that I have ever seen. Wow. Straight sex appeal. The black is clean and dark and the knight looks really bad-ass. There’s a certain mystique around him unlike their typical knight and the silver on black is such a winning combo. Legitimately thought (and hoped) that these were Army or UCF’s helmets, but gotta give credit...

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Week 5 Fantasy Football Preview

Thursday Night Recap – Arizona Cardinals – 33 San Francisco 49ers – 21 This was a matchup of bad quarterbacks in this hard to watch game between two 1-3 teams. The Cardinals ended up pulling out the win, largely because of a tremendous effort by RB David Johnson. Larry Fitzgerald had a nice performance as well, but the other two Cardinals receivers, John Brown and Malcom Floyd, were both no-shows. Carlos Hyde had a nice game, but was the only fantasy relevant player on the niners side of the ball. Colin Kaepernick didn’t get any PT, but I heard rumors...

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Week 5 Chicago Bears Prediction- Better LUCK Next Year Indy!

Hang on Chicago, “We go for a ride”. Ahhh playing Indy means Indiana Jones quotes are acceptable right? The 1-3 Bears make the short road trip to Indianapolis to take on the 1-3 Colts. For some reason, many experts (including the entire ESPN staff) are picking the Colts as the winners of this match. Really? All of them? I think that is a little harsh considering how bad Indianapolis is this year thus far. Plus they lost week 1 against the Lions who the Bears just beat… I don’t know, maybe the Bears are not going to win, but...

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Your Political Correctness Offends Me

As you can probably tell from the title, I’m not exactly a fan of the current political correctness sensation that’s sweeping the nation, or PC as the kids are calling it these days.  Being a 22-year-old recent college graduate puts me right in the middle of things so I see it on a day-to-day basis.  I also want to talk about the concept of being a “tolerant” person and how that term has become a bit of a paradox these days.  I feel they go hand in hand and need to be addressed simultaneously. I believe there is a...

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