Donald Trump and Billy Bush Should Stop Hanging Out 

Friday afternoon: A 2005 tape of TV personalities Donald Trump and Billy Bush surfaced. In it, the men hold a particularly appalling conversation about the advantages of being famous, rich, handsome, etc. and how it relates to their interactions with attractive women. Trump recounts a story in which he failed to close with a married woman whom he had taken furniture shopping (sweet date), and Bush giggles along like a little brother trying to fit in as if he can relate. 

The tape, which can be viewed here, gets more cringeworthy with each sentence. At one point, Donald proudly claims that “when you’re a star, you can do anything…Grab them by the pussy, you can do anything”. People regularly say regrettable things into hot mics, usually a mistimed curse word or an utterance about the pointlessness of their current situation, relatively harmless in the grand scheme of things. On the flip side, no situation should ever present itself in which ‘grab her by the pussy’ would be the appropriate response. There is no way to spin this, it is just plain stupidity. 

Democrats and Republicans alike have expressed their disbelief and disdain, and Trump finally had to apologize for something he said. He could not do so without roping Bill Clinton into the mix though, claiming that he and Slick Willy have discussed far worse on the golf course. With Sunday’s debate looming large, this incident will surely be discussed, and he will surely deflect blame in a roundabout way. HOWEVER, *Stephen A. Smith voice* if the circus that is the 2016 election cycle has taught us anything, this is merely a bump in the road for The Donald. It will not matter one bit. 

Donald Trump claimed that he would not lose any support if he walked down 5th Avenue in New York City and shot somebody in the middle of the street. No matter the severity of this gaffe, the coffin that is his campaign remains devoid of steel-reinforced nails. He will remain neck-and-neck with Clinton. The skeletons that him and Hillary have in the closet have not come back to bite either candidate, and this is no different. 

Sunday’s debate will be must-see TV, but the American people will again be forced to listen to petty banter rather than hearing about the issues that matter. News flash, if political commentators and the national media are more concerned with digging up the aforementioned skeletons than discussing each party’s platforms, there could be a problem. If only there were a third-party candidate that could offer a fresh perspective and refused to get caught up in schoolyard drama. #LetGaryDebate 



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