Day: October 11, 2016

B-Frank's Week 6 NFL Power Rankings

Biggest Jump: Detroit Lions rise 10 spots after beating the Eagles. Biggest Fall: Carolina Panthers fall 7 spots after losing to Tampa Bay. 1. Minnesota Vikings 5-0 Last Week: 2 Minnesota is the last undefeated team left and despite injuries they have really separated themselves as the top team. Bradford is playing above expectation and that defense is stout. Minnesota has a bye this week. 2. New England Patriots 4-1 Last Week: 3 Tom is back and boy did he look good. Yes, I am aware it was against the Browns, but 406 yards and 3 touchdowns is impressive...

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5 Takeaways from Game 3. We're on to Tuesday Night

  I 100% believe that a part of me died last night. I said a couple weeks ago in my post about Theo’s extension that I am as emotionally invested in this team as humanly possible. I know a lot of you are too, and there’s no other way I’d rather have it. We’re gonna ride or die with this group and unfortunately last night we died.  So many highs, so many lows. I don’t want to go in depth and do a full recap on that game. The great ones don’t look back folks, they move forward. But...

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