5 Takeaways from Game 3. We're on to Tuesday Night


I 100% believe that a part of me died last night. I said a couple weeks ago in my post about Theo’s extension that I am as emotionally invested in this team as humanly possible. I know a lot of you are too, and there’s no other way I’d rather have it. We’re gonna ride or die with this group and unfortunately last night we died.  So many highs, so many lows. I don’t want to go in depth and do a full recap on that game. The great ones don’t look back folks, they move forward. But you can learn from the past, so here’s five quick things we learned from last night.


1. I’m #done with the Eastern Time Zone

So many times I’ve tried to give this the benefit of the doubt. I always thought that it couldn’t get worse than Monday Night Football starting at 5:30 on the west coast and NFL Sunday’s starting at 10 AM. That theory is now long gone, all thanks to the Vallejo Ferry.

When I saw the “Vallejo Ferry leaves at midnight” public service announcement come across the jumbo tron and then looked down at my phone to see that it was almost 3 o’clock I wanted to break down and cry. Our beloved #LateNightCubsCrew became the #EarlyMorningCubsCrew last night. I’m #done with this time zone.

(First pitch tonight is around 9 o’clock so that’s good)


2. Derek Law is Officially Public Enemy Number 1

Derek Law.gif

I’ve never come so close to punching a hole in my TV screen. If this guy takes the mound at another point in this series, he will pay for this. When we win tonight this guy’s grave is the first one we dance on. Derek Law, Public Enemy Number 1.

3. Jake Arrieta #PrayForMadBum


Jake Arrieta not only out pitched arguably the best postseason pitcher of all time, but that three run home run might have been my favorite highlight of this Cubs season. What a moment for Jake. I thought Jake’s ball was moving last night and that he did what he needed to on the mound. We need 49 to be the 49 we know he’s capable of in order for this team to go on a run, and he showed that to us last night.

Also, look for Jake to pinch hit at some point this series too. Would not be surprised if Joe puts him out there the way he’s been swinging the bat all year.


4 Conor Gillaspie: Rightful Owner of my Brain


Yep. This guy. This guy had never seen a pitch over 100 mph. This guy did not make the Giants Opening Day roster. This is the guy who still has White Sox blood running through his veins. Conor Gillaspie is the Mercenary sent to burn Gotham to the ground. The home run to beat the Mets in the Wild Card, and now the two run triple in the eighth to keep the Giants season alive. I can’t help but think Daniel Murphy 2.0 is here to ruin my life, and Conor Gillaspie is bringing out all of the bad demons inside me right now. Need a little chin music from Lackey today to give Conor a reality check.

5. I’m Really Glad Kris Bryant is on Our Team


MVP gonna do MVP things. Especially for a guy that struggled at the plate last October, what an absolute moment for 17. If he could get the guy hitting behind him to wake up, that would be awesome too. Every game we play from here on out you have to say to yourself, “We have Kris Bryant, and the other team doesn’t”. He’s that much of a difference maker, and we’re never out of a game as long as 17 has the bat in his hands.



So that’s done with and we move on to Tuesday night. This is why we brought John Lackey to Chicago. After a tough, emotional loss, get a veteran on the mound who has been here many times before. We’re still in control of this thing, we’re still the better team, and we’re closing this series out tonight.

As Jimmy Dean once said,

“He stood six foot six and weighed two forty five

kinda broad at the shoulder and narrow at the hip

And everybody knew ya didn’t give no lip to Big John.”

Let’s go.















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