Let Me B-Frank Podcast: October 12th

John remains in Cleveland this week (moment of silence), so Brian and I discuss week 5 of the NFL and the Cubs performance so far this NLDS. We continue the Cubs talk with our top 5 most memorable Cubs relievers of the 2000’s, and these guys will remind you how much you appreciate the current roster. Also, we debate the best job in football: backup QB or kicker?


00:00 Around the NFL

13:40 MLB Playoffs

17:40 Cubs game 4

21:15 Top 5 Cubs Relievers

25:38 Guess the Player (Hints: Played basketball for Duke, played on 5 NBA teams, from Fort Worth, TX and drafted 3rd overall in 2002)

26:42 Celebrity Tweets

29:30 Interesting Stats of the Week

31:30 Advanced stats boring?

34:25 Rather be a Kicker or backup QB?

35:50 Weekend plans


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