Auston Matthews Scores 4 Goals in NHL Debut

Matthews, the top pick in June’s NHL Draft taken by Toronto, has set himself an insurmountable bar to pass by setting an NHL record and lighting the lamp FOUR TIMES in his NHL debut. Matthews was quite literally his whole team, scoring every goal for Toronto in route to a 5-4 Overtime loss. A result that really only the Leafs could muster. You gotta give the kid credit, it is absolutely incredible to score four times in a game, let alone your rookie debut! Add on that he did it perfectly, scoring on four total shots. Talk about impossible expectations to live up to. Obviously Toronto fans should be excited, but they’ve got to temper their expectations, he’s not going to be able to score every night and that’s okay. It’s science…I think. But Matthews will be a great player in the league, the question is how quickly? Pre-season I had him as a 20-30-50 guy, I’ll change that to 25-30-55 (for those who don’t know that’s goals-assists-points) which is no doubt an awesome rookie year. A good Auston Matthews (and, like it or not, Maple Leafs team) is good for the NHL. Matthews is a kid from Arizona — that’s right, the desert — is highly regarded as the next generational-type player next to McDavid. Below is the highlight video showing all four of Auston’s goals.



People forget: Gordon Bombay only coached the Ducks because it was a court order.

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