From Football to Football

Ever wondered what your favorite soccer (football) club’s uniforms (kits) would look like if they were transformed into American football jerseys? Well wonder no more. As I aimlessly scrolled through Facebook, I came across an ESPN article showing the transformation from soccer to real, American football. The uniforms are sick. Well, I guess it’s more the helmets than anything else, but some of these clubs look great. While I can absolutely respect the classic look, I also love seeing well-done modern looking jerseys. Here are my top 3 from the article.

  • 3) AC Milan
    Not only are they one of my favorite clubs, (yeah I watch soccer, what of it) but these uniforms would be so awesome. Red, white, and black are easily one of the best triumvirates of colors around. They flow so well and the jerseys look better than most NFL teams.
  • 2)¬†Arsenal
    The Gunners look like they could have been an NFL Europe league team that dominated in the late 90s when the league was actually around. Again, the black, white and red make a comeback. Very clean. Nice line, and the cannon logo is awesome.
  • 1) Leicester City
    That’s right, the reigning Premier League champs have by and far the best looking uniforms of the bunch. The helmets, specifically the lion in the middle, make this the top look and straight flames *fire emojis*. My favorite part is that the colors work well and the sponsor on the front of the jersey isn’t overbearing like some other clubs on this list.


People forget: Gordon Bombay only coached the Ducks because it was a court order.

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