The Huskers Head to Bloomington To Punch The Clock And Stay Undefeated

Pokemon is the hottest thing out there, a Clinton is running for president, and Husker football is ranked in the top 15. Is it the 90s again???? (That’s called a hook, pretty basic writing maneuver). Dumb clickbait crap aside, Nebraska looks good. Really good. Sure, they haven’t really been tested yet but the Oregon win really helped boost morale and certainly helped to establish nationwide credibility to be ranked 12. 2 weeks ago against Illinois wasn’t their best outing, that’s for sure, but this isn’t the same Illinois team from years past. The Illini still have a looong way to go but they’re at least playing with heart. Heart makes for interesting game but that 4th quarter is when the wheels fell off. Terrell Newby ran for 111 of his 140 yards that game in the 4th quarter alone. That stat right there should tell you a lot about this Husker team. In a tight game, they didn’t abandon the run game but instead used it to turn that game into a blowout. Tommy Armstrong Jr is a competent enough QB but he’s not a superstar gunslinger. Keeping the ball on the ground and grinding it out between the tackles is paying off huge because now there is no down time for opposing defenses. Anyway, Indiana is a much better team that Illinois is, seeing as they knocked off Michigan State just 2 weeks ago, so this should prove to be one of the more exciting match ups this week. The Blackshirts really need to step up to the plate and Mike Riley needs to keep trusting the run and not let the Indiana D frustrate their game plan. Here’s to no bye week cobwebs.


Big Red 24, Not-So-Big Red 10


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