Chicago Bears Week 6 Prediction: HOYERMANIA

WHAT YOU GONNA DO BROTHER?!?! Another EXCITING Bears match-up as they take on the ever disappointing Jaguars. Both teams are already in desperation mode and are calling this a “must win” to even still consider this season worthy. The following are my thoughts/keys to the Bears if they want to consider this season not lost just yet.

Decision on QB. Look I get it, Cutler has been the franchise guy. Josh McCown outplayed him a few seasons ago and Cutty got his job back when returning healthy. Now he is returning to a coaching staff that isn’t exactly head over heels for him. Brian Hoyer has looked really decent so far. His yards per game have been impressive; however, he should strive to put up more numbers on the scoreboard. The main reason Hoyer looks better than Cutler is because he isn’t being careless with the ball. If a team has Alshon Jeffery triple teamed, Hoyer will look elsewhere to throw it. This is the mentality Cutler needs. He had this mentality under Gase’s offense last season and played well because of it. It is now time for the staff to make the call and stick with it: Hoyer or Cutler. They need to decide on whether Cutler is done and Hoyer will be our QB until we can find a younger/better one or if we are going to stick with Cutler and hope he can magically turn it around. My vote is Hoyer. Talent wise he probably is worse than Cutler, but he has the leadership skills that a QB needs. Hoyer is the type of guy who would hit girls in gym class and not think twice about it while Cutler would be busy doing his neck twitch thing and talking to the pom-pom girls.

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Feed Howard the Rock. In his first 2 starts, Howard has rushed for over 100 yards. This guy is the future for the Bears running game. Even when Langford returns from injury, I think that Howard will remain the starter. I want to see his touches this week increase. Let’s strive for another 100 yard game!

The Defense Still Kinda Sucks. Yes this defense is continuing to find its identity and improve since Trestman took over and created a peewee D, but it still has much more work to do. I am happy to see some guys like Jerrell Freeman and Bryce Callahan taking leadership roles and creating big plays. The D needs to continue to be built upon. This starts by allowing for more guys to return from the injury bug and for the “star” defenders to play with more intensity.

Worst Kicker in the League? Connor Barth…. What a horrible underachiever this guy is. He cannot make anything from 25 yards out. IT IS YOUR DAMN JOB TO MAKE FIELD GOALS FROM FARTHER OUT SO DO IT! Honestly, I am shocked he still has a job after another poor performance against Indy as he missed a key field goal. Think about it, if he makes that, then all we would have had to do is kick another field goal on that last minute drive and we go to overtime. Cut his ass and don’t think twice about it. He will continue to disappoint us fans. If he is out past 30 yards, go for it on 4th down.

Game Prediction Jaguars 21 Bears 24. Really the Bears only will win because it is at home. I know last year they sucked at home, but they at least have a W at home this year. I keep predicting that Alshon Jeffery will FINNALLY get his first TD of the season, but I think I am jinxing him so let’s just go with Miller continuing to score TD’s and Howard rushing for 2 scores. Maybe Barth makes a game winning field goal and I will eat my own words. I am very impressed with WR Cameron Meredith. Maybe he can take away the disappointment we all have in Kevin White and become our next top receiver.

Miller Lite Count: 5. Does anyone think these Miller counts are funny anymore? Kind of overdone humor, but I polished off like 7-8 for the Blackhawks opener. That made for a fun hangover at work. I can only have so many Millers in a week, but I will predict to have a few for this game because the Bears are just so disappointing.


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