Day: October 16, 2016

The Huskers Are For Real

The Brawl in Bloomington, as sports writers for millennia on will refer to this Saturday’s match up, was a grind. A true blue street fight for 60 minutes. Indiana is not quite a contender but they’re no slouch. They stood up to Ohio State and gave them a game too but the Hoosiers are missing a lot of pieces to be able to knock off potential national champions. That said, I think the Huskers still looked past Indiana this week but that’s what makes them such a dangerous team. Even though they didn’t bring their A-game, they still came...

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Bears Need A 2 Quarterback System

I have officially figured out how to solve the Bears’ red zone woes, a 2 quarterback system. Hoyer has proven that he can throw the ball and do so efficiently. He also doesn’t turn the ball over like Jay does, but what Hoyer lacks is that ability to make plays and find his play-makers. How many times is he going to miss a wide open Alshon Jeffrey in the end-zone? As if this damn team wasn’t hard enough to watch, we have to endure absolutely miserable possessions in the red zone week in and week out. Enter Jay. Jay...

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Bulls to acquire Michael Carter-Williams for Tony Snell

Let me paint you a picture. Wrigley Field absolutely losing its mind over a Miggy Montero pinch hit grand slam in the bottom of the eighth. Old Style Beer getting dumped on people left and right, people losing their minds hugging one another, and the W flag flying at an all time high. Thank you Theo Epstein. Down the street at the United Center, Richard Panik netted his first career hat trick and Nick Schmaltz scored his first NHL goal. Get Schmaltz to play consistently up and down the ice and continue to get production from Panik, no reason why...

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LMBF Civil War: Episode 1

Alright, Cubs fans, you won Game 1. After the Dodgers tied it up at 3-3 in the top of the 8th off the hardest thrower in baseball, Joe Blanton decided to self-destruct. (I also blame Nick Anton, the Cubs’ secret weapon.) Too many hanging sliders, too many exuberant Cubs fans in the bar where Brian, Pete, and I watched the game. In a game where both teams proved their resiliency, the Cubs simply executed better in a critical moment of the game. That’s all it took to give Chicago a Game 1 victory. 3-time Cy Young winner Clayton Kershaw...

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