Bulls to acquire Michael Carter-Williams for Tony Snell

Let me paint you a picture.

Wrigley Field absolutely losing its mind over a Miggy Montero pinch hit grand slam in the bottom of the eighth. Old Style Beer getting dumped on people left and right, people losing their minds hugging one another, and the W flag flying at an all time high. Thank you Theo Epstein.

Down the street at the United Center, Richard Panik netted his first career hat trick and Nick Schmaltz scored his first NHL goal. Get Schmaltz to play consistently up and down the ice and continue to get production from Panik, no reason why 88 and 19 can’t lead us to another Cup. Thank you Stan Bowman.

And then there’s Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Gar and Pax crafting an absolute blockbuster of a trade behind closed doors at the Bradley Center. I’ve always said that I would pay a considerable amount of money to be a fly on the wall when these two do business. Has to be absolute laugh out loud funny stuff, and I shutter to think what was said last night. Tony Snell for Michael Carter-Williams, let’s take a look.


Remember when your jaw dropped back when David Stern came to the podium and said, “With the 23rd pick in the 2013 NBA Draft, the Chicago Bulls select, Tony Snell”? God did Gar/Pax think they STOLE one with that pick. In 3 years with the Bulls, Tony Snell averaged 5.3 PPG, 1.0 APG, and shot 35.1% from 3 point range. People always say that there was too high of an expectation for what Tony Snell brought to the table. For a first round pick you expect more than what he gave you, and it just didn’t work out for Tony in Chicago. Thanks for the memories Tony, Bull for life.


Let’s talk about Michael Carter-Williams. On paper, the Bulls are arguably the worst possible team for MCW to play for. For MCW to be a factor on the offensive end, he needs to make things happen off the dribble, which only makes the Bulls floor spacing situation worse. This move makes absolutely no sense at all because it only makes the Bulls identity even cloudier. The Bulls need shooters and people to help space the floor on the offensive end, and Michael Carter-Williams does neither of those.

That being said, I actually don’t mind this move.

MCW is an above average defender in my opinion, which is an area where the Bulls need all the help they can get. You figure that the Bulls second rotation now goes MCW, Valentine, and McDermott all playing together most of the time. That’s 6’6, 6’5, and 6’8 in the back court. That length should help defensively, and it should allow for someone to get a height advantage offensively to create driving lanes and open shooters. Let’s also not forget, MCW is a former Rookie of the Year. There’s some talent there, and maybe a change of scenery will help.

I think the Bulls won this trade. With Khris Middleton being out for a while, I think Jason Kidd will figure out a way to increase a guy like Malcolm Brogdon’s role rather than giving Snell minutes. The Bucks are thin at point guard and I probably would’ve held on to MCW if it were me. Now, for the Bulls, think of the best and worst case scenarios here. At best, MCW can give you a big upgrade on defense and he finds some of his old self on the offensive end. Worst case scenario, next summer you let MCW walk and all you lose is Tony Snell. High reward, low risk folks. That’s just science.


So with the addition of Michael Carter-Williams, I ask you….are the Bulls back?






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