The Huskers Are For Real

The Brawl in Bloomington, as sports writers for millennia on will refer to this Saturday’s match up, was a grind. A true blue street fight for 60 minutes. Indiana is not quite a contender but they’re no slouch. They stood up to Ohio State and gave them a game too but the Hoosiers are missing a lot of pieces to be able to knock off potential national champions. That said, I think the Huskers still looked past Indiana this week but that’s what makes them such a dangerous team. Even though they didn’t bring their A-game, they still came out with a win and its because these kids and coaching staff know how to respond to adversity,both on and off of the field. Big Red came out with a hot start and looked sharp. After that first quarter, it looked like they took their foot off the gas pedal and Indiana made them pay for it. Sloppy special teams and not executing on offense, especially on 3rd down, took the wind out of their sails but the defense kept them alive for the rest of the half. The real difference maker here, and I’ve mentioned it before, is that Mike Riley doesn’t give up on the run. Armstrong Jr is a capable QB but isn’t a real gunslinger so by running it, they don’t put the pressure on him to make plays that he doesn’t have the skill set to pull off. Instead, they take advantage of his and Newby’s athleticism and a big, beefy offensive line that smashes the ball north and south all day. Very few teams are able to withstand that kind of punishment and Nebraska excels at dishing it out.

The Huskers face Purdue at Memorial Stadium in what will likely be a trap game as they head to Madison the following week to play a pissed off Badger team. Now THAT’S gonna be must-watch TV. As always, GO BIG RED!


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