Why Don't Professional Athletes Care About Their Fingers Half As Much As Normal People?

Jason Pierre-Paul and Trevor Bauer obviously don’t mean that there is an epidemic on our hands (lol) but I mean, COME ON. I’ve had a drone fly over my head by about 100 feet and was pissing my pants the whole time. They’re louder than a TSA agent and that tells my brain to not touch it. Then again, I’m not a professional athlete. Like that’s not just embarrassing, you just cost yourself thousands and thousands of dollars and your team is going to directly suffer because you have a borderline-pervert hobby of peeping on people with drones. JPP’s gruesome incident at least is relatable because I love fireworks and he was exercising his rights as an American to disfigure himself. He probably cost himself millions of dollars but now he always has a story to tell and can probably walk into any firework stand and not have to pay for as much as a sparkler. Not exactly worth it but hey, now the cops will never be able to match his fingerprints to anything so there’s that.


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