The Best Sports Video-game Soundtracks of All Time

If you are currently between the ages of 16-30 you probably played your fair share of sports video-games. Whether you were simulating full seasons or playing every game, the soundtrack had a very large impact on your overall enjoyment. The soundtrack was a great way to get exposed to new bands and genres, as well as helping the specific bands get their product out to new audiences. It is obvious that some soundtracks are better than others but here is MY top 5.


#5 Slugfest Loaded

All of the Slugfest games were absolute classics. Midway was the first attempt at “Making Baseball Great Again”, by adding punching, kicking, and embracing the steroid era. What was equally as impressive was their soundtrack process. Midway took a different route and allowed bands to “audition” to be in the game. The result? Tons of badass songs you have never heard of  by bands who were looking for their big break. Spoiler alert none of them really did, but that doesn’t take away from the quality of music. Best song = Soquel by SAM

(*** indicates personal favorites)

Krome: “Acknowledge”

Flipswitch : “Inside”, “Energy”

Winston : “Rock (If You Need It)”, “Nobody Sleeps”

Sam : “Dirty Girl”***        “Soquel”***

Ivory Wire Tracks: “Hey You”       “A New Kind of Low”       “Seeing Things as They Are” “Backfire”

Buckfast Superbee: “Faker”           “A.M. Argument”***

Residue Track: “Not You”

State of Shock : “Wish I Never Met You”

Symbiant : “What would I care”         “Tie it Down”


#4 Madden 07

This game brought us the analog stick juke as well as an extremely overrated Reggie Bush. The create a player career mode was a thing of beauty as it brought a human element to you character (emails from home, fans etc…). The soundtrack was absolutely massive and had some bangers from some known and unknown bands . Best song WAYUH by The Rapture

30 Seconds To Mars – “Battle Of One”
AFI – “Summer Shudder”
Al Fatz – “Came Down”
Anti-Flag – “This Is The End (For You My Friend)”***
Atreyu – “Ex’s And Oh’s”***
Audioslave – “Revelations”
Bishop LaMont feat. Chevy Jones – “The Best”
Cartel – “Say Anything (Else)” ***                                                                                                      Cord – “Go Either Way”
Damone – “Out Here All Night”
Dashboard Confessional – “Reason To Believe”
Dynamite MC – “Bounce’
Feezy 350 – “Playa What”
Glasses Malone – “Right Now”
Hit The Lights – “Until We Get Caught”
Keane – “Is It Any Wonder?” ***
Less Than Jake – “Still Life Franchise”
Lupe Fiasco feat. Jonah Matranga – “The Instrumental”
Matchbook Romance – “Monsters”
Omnisoul – “Not Giving Up”
Rise Against – “Drones”
Riverboat Gamblers – “On Again Off Again”
Saves The Day – “Head For The Hills”
Shorty Da Kid – “Get Loose”
Spank Rock – “Backyard Betty”
Sparta – “Future Needs”
Taking Back Sunday – “Spin”
The Panic Channel – “Teahouse Of The Spirits”
The Pink Spiders – “Easy Way Out”
The Rapture – “WAYUH”***
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – “In Fates Hands”
The Sleeping – “Don’t Hold Back” ***
Trae – “Real Talk”
Underoath – “Ever So Inviting”
Wolfmother – “Woman”***


#3 WWE SmackDown v. Raw 2007

Due to the nature of the WWE the soundtrack has a bit more “Edge” (See what I did there). By just looking at the names of the bands you could tell that WWE was not pinching pennys. If you put on this soundtrack at a party the chance of a moshpit increases by like 40%. Best song = Bullet With a Name by Nonpoint

  • “Alive and Kicking” (Nonpoint)***
  • “Animal I Have Become” (Three Days Grace)***
  • “Bullet With a Name” (Nonpoint)***
  • “Forgive Me” (Versus The World)
  • “I Ain’t Your Savior” (Bullets and Octane)
  • “Lonely Train” (Black Stone Cherry)***
  • “Money in the Bank” (Lil Scrappy)
  • “Riot” (Three Days Grace)***
  • “Stitches” (Allele)
  • “Survive” (Rise Against)***
  • “The Champ” (Ghostface Killah)
  • “The Enemy” (Godsmack)


#2 Madden 05

Sure you still had to use the circle button to sprint on defense, but at least they gave us the hit stick. This soundtrack is full of brand name bands and songs that bring back your preteen angst. What more could a kid want while waiting 15 minutes to connect to an online game that he would lose if he didn’t choose the Falcons? Best song = Last Day of School by Wylde Bunch

Wylde Bunch – Last Day of School***

New Found Glory – This Disaster

Earshot – Wait

Hoobastank – Same Direction***

Ozomatli – Saturday Night

Jazze Pha – Da Heavy Hittas

Strata – Piece By Piece

Yung Wun – Yung Wun Anthem

Z-Trip feat. Soup of J5 – Listen to the DJ

The D.O.C. vs. Earshot – The Madden Re-Match

Will.I.Am – Go!

Hazen Street – Fool the World

Midtown – Give It Up

Alter Bridge – Open Your Eyes***

Green Day – American Idiot***

JR Ewing – Time to Get Dirty

The Hives – Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones

Mooney Suzuki – Alive and Amplified

Chevelle – The Clincher***

Faith No More – From out of Nowhere (Throwback Track Powered by Rhino)

Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out***


#1 MVP Baseball 2003

There has been a bit of debate between the soundtrack of MVP 03 and 05 but in my book there is no comparison. There is not a single bad song in this entire game. This made simulating full seasons an absolute treat. The Cubs won many World Series titles to these jams on the backs of Sammy Sosa, Kerry Wood, and my created player that was a 99 in everything.  Best Song = Poem by Taproot

  • The All-American Rejects – “Swing, Swing”***
  • Boys Set Fire – “Handful of Redemption”
  • The Donnas – “Who Invited You”
  • The Exies – “Without”
  • (hed)p.e. – “Blackout”
  • Revis – “Caught in the Rain”***
  • Burning Brides – “Arctic Snow”***
  • OK Go – “Don’t Ask Me”***
  • Pacifier – “Bullitproof”
  • Shinedown – “Fly From The Inside”***
  • Socialburn – “Everyone”
  • Soundtrack of Our Lives – “Sister Surround”
  • Sum 41 – “All Messed Up”***
  • Taproot – “Poem”***



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