Rivalry Prediction: Bears at Packers

CHOKE PACK CHOKE… It’s rivalry week between two teams that could desperately use the W on Thursday. The Bears lost in another heart-breaker to a very beatable team, while the Packer’s pretty boy Aaron Rodgers looked like a peewee QB as they lost big to the Cowboys. The Bears won their last trip to Green Bay by winning on Thanksgiving night. This allowed for a very drunk, and 30 lbs heavier, Jack to record a video of me improperly shot-gunning a Miller Lite (I did not pop the top of the beer, and the zipper to my pants was completely undone). Will I have another chance to show a slimmer, cleaner, and experienced Jack shotgun a Miller? Or will Rodgers show his true talent and destroy the Bears as he is accustomed to? Here are “DA KEYS” to Da Bears success. There are only 2 keys and that is because the Bears are “THAT” close to being a .500 team.

 (Been hating Green Bay since birth)

SCORE A DAMN TOUCHDOWN. Star WR Alshon Jeffery kindly stated: “We’ve got to score (expletive) touchdowns.” Yes, that they do! The Bears should be a 3-3 team, but they aren’t because they simply do not know how to get the ball into the end zone. For the last two weeks, they have been the better team, but just have not been able to put away their opponents. Brian Hoyer has had consecutive 300 + yard games, but it means absolutely nothing if you can’t score 7 on these drives. In order to get these TDs, Hoyer needs to locate Jeffery and Miller more often when they are in enemy territory. Royal and Meredith are good receivers no doubt, but Jeffery and Miller are guys that need to be targeted more often in the end zone. Also, why not hand the ball to Howard/Carey more often in the red zone? Both guys are powerful and hard to tackle, so why not hand them the ball?

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Keep up the decent D. The defense has played well enough for the Bears to compete in almost every game (the game in Dallas was the only time they were a total joke). The defense needs to keep returning starters to the lineup and hopefully they will continue to prove that they are getting closer to being a top 10 defense. We all know how great Aaron Rodgers can play, let’s hope that the Bears are able to show up and limit his play. I would absolutely love it if he has another multiple turnover day and the Packer fans boo him and he looks like he is going to cry.

Game Prediction: Bears 24 Packers 20. Again, I am no longer going to pick the Bears to lose. Where is the fun in that? I could just write about how bad they are, but that is just preaching to the choir. Instead, I like to be positive. This Bears team is much better than their record shows. I mean trust me, I could totally see Rodgers snapping out of his funk and torching us, but there is the chance that he continues to play poorly. They have almost zero run game right now, so they are going to completely rely on Rodgers. This Bears secondary has continued to improve each game, but now they will be put up to the test.  On the other side, the Packers defense has been banged up as well and has not looked that good. Hopefully the Bears can have more intensity because of the rivalry and put touchdowns on the board instead of field goals.

My message: Look Bears, the Cubs are now down in the series and people are starting to get upset, us White Sox fans are already in a fetal position, the Bulls are a complete joke; please win this one for us. It is time for us Chicago fans to stop solely relying on the Blackhawks to save us. We all know that the Bears will most likely miss the playoffs, but please beat the Packers. You can lose every game, even to the Lions and Vikings, but just beat Green Bay twice. That would make us all very satisfied. Also, let’s hope another Wisconsin team loses this week (LET’S GO HAWKEYES!!!! CA-CAWWWWW).

Miller count 6. I feel really guilty drinking a Wisconsin beer for this game, but Miller Lite is the official beer of the Chicago Bears. That seriously is not BS, it actually is! Therefore, it is completely acceptable for Miller Lite consumption, just no bratwursts or cheese! No work on Friday for this guy so I expect many Millers! If the Bears win, I can promise a video of me slamming a Miller. GO BEARS!


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