Thought-Train Thursday: NLCS, Bears-Packers, NBA, #debatenight, and influenza.

NLCS: The Cubbies have been told how great they were all year, and other than a slump before the all-star break had not experienced a ton of adversity. Last night, we saw how the Cubs reacted once backed into a corner. They sure responded well. This team is plain fun to watch. 

Thursday Night Football: Brian Hoyer will outplay Aaron Rodgers again, but I’ve got an itching feeling that the Bears will still find a way to piss this game down their leg. If the mighty Panthers lose next week to somewhat mirror Chicago’s record, I would be oddly content with this. On the flip side, the Bears are where the Kansas City Chiefs were last year. It is unlikely, but this team could pull off 9 straight wins (after losing to the Bears, by the way) and win a wild card spot. Stranger things in sports have happened this year. For a more detailed breakdown of tonight’s matchup, see Jack Conlon’s preview.

NBA: Doug McDermott’s Chicago Bulls (dare I call them a SUPERteam?) face off against Kyle Korver’s Atlanta Hawks tonight at the CenturyLink Center Omaha. The event will be the most heavily-attended game for either team this season, and I still won’t go on account of the Cubs-Bears twin bill and the fact that the NBA is purely entertainment and not basketball. If it were happening any other night of the year, I’d consider it.

#debatefright: Last night, I chose to watch the Cubs obliterate the Dodgers instead of people I despise yell at each other and woke up a much happier person for it.

Seasonal allergies and the flu: My allergies have flared up at random points throughout the past week or so, and my lovely mother texts me every other day reminding me to get a flu shot. I can walk to the nearest Walgreen’s in about three minutes, so I’m just playing with fire at this point.

Stay safe out there everyone. Enjoy your Thursday.



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