Nebraska Can NOT Fall Into The Purdue Trap

The Huskers host Purdue at home for what will surely be the perfect storm of a trap game. Big Red overcame an angry, albeit outgunned, Indiana, ruining what would have likely been the most magical homecoming of B-Fox’s collegiate career. They’re now ranked  #8 in the country, which is absolutely amazing when you stop and think about it. I’m kinda a grizzled veteran on the Husker bandwagon by now but this team has done so much in such a short amount of time. Last year, they beat Michigan State thanks to a bad call but other than that, they didn’t really have a stellar season. Armstrong was still trying to figure out his role and play style, Mike Riley was brand new, and there was a talent deficit that had grown in Lincoln over the past decade. Now this team is knocking on the door of the playoffs (not very loudly but knocking nonetheless). However, this run means nothing if they don’t go out and beat Purdue like a rented mule. They’re home and are light years better than the Boilermakers so the battle here is entirely in the mind. The Huskers will be on the road the next 2 weeks, at Wisconsin then Ohio State, so they need to go and make an example of Purdue, big time.

After they whoop some ass against Purdue, then they can go worry about taking it to the big boys but for now, this is 4 down, must win football. You could draw a lot of parallels between this Husker team and Iowa last year (despite MONSTROUSLY different schedules) and their common theme is that they grind it out for 60 minutes. Iowa never gave up on the game and that’s what worked for them but the Huskers have a much more talented team, especially on the defensive side of the ball, so this should be a no contest.

As always, Go Big Red!


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