Gut Check Time: Do The Huskers Have What It Takes To Go The Distance?

A less-than-convincing win against Purdue (at home, no less) should serve as loud and clear wake up call for the Huskers to get things locked down. Sloppy play, shoddy defense, and overall lack of rhythm seem to be plaguing them but they’re still undefeated. For now. Big Red heads to Madison to take on Wisconsin for what very well couldbe Nebraska’s götterdämmerung (google it). They’ll have take down the Badgers and then head to Columbus for collision with Ohio State but then after those 2 games, its back to cupcake. Penn State proved that gods do bleed after beating Ohio State in dramatic fashion but the Buckeyes are still a tall order for any team at any time. Big Red needs to dig deep and find out just what kind of team they are.


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