All Is Not Lost For The Huskers

Playing at Camp Randall is no easy task for any team period and the Huskers took it to OT. That in itself is worthy of a cap-doffing. A running theme of this team (and my subsequent blogs) is that they don’t quit. They will give you 60 minutes of hell (60 minutes only lol). The defense played tough, with 2  HUGE picks late in the 4th to finish strong. The major obstacle that this team is facing is a talent differential. The kids on this squad are stellar, no doubt, but there is a big difference between 1st and 2nd string guys and those discrepancies get painfully obvious the longer  the season goes on and starters get banged up. This game was a test of their resolve and its strong as steel. Come next year, this will be a team to be reckoned with as Riley’s recruits start to get on the field and show that Lincoln can be a football player’s dream destination when a team can make as much noise as they are right now. That said, I’m not writing off the rest of this season by any means. Penn State humbled OSU worse than the Iron Sheik ever could so there’s no reason Nebraska couldn’t do the same. I’m not necessairly saying they WILL but we exist in one of an infinite number of universes with infinite variables and infinite possibilities, thus making all decisions predetermined from the cosmic alignment of star dust from the dawn of time* so who knows?

*THAT is why you get yourself a Jesuit education. I’m talking circles around you and you don’t even realize it. Beyond meta shit.



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