Vikings at Bears SPOOKY Prediction: Who ya gonna call? JAY CUTLER!

Trick or Treat: The struggling Bears host the 5-1 Minnesota Vikings for a Monday night Halloween special. Jay Cutler returns to the lineup to face a Vikings team coming off their first loss of the season. I am not sure why I am liking the Bears chances in this one, it will either be a TRICK- they will continue to suck and the Vikings have a bounce back game; or TREAT- we see a “good Jay” play tonight and Minnesota begins to catch the Loser bug. Here are the “Treats” for success for tonight’s games.

More Targets to Jeffery. Although Brian Hoyer played really well for the Bears, he was unable to find Alshon Jeffery as much as he should have. Jay Cutler coming back means Alshon will get more targets. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him finally get his first TD of the year tonight. Don’t get me wrong, Minnesota’s defense is elite and maybe even the best in the NFL right now, but it is hard for anyone to cover Jeffery when he has a QB throwing it to him more. I am hopeful for a great outing from Jeffery so that the front office can realize that he needs to get resigned after this season.

Improving Defense. Against a struggling Packers offense on Thursday Night Football, the Bears D was showing really impressive stuff by keeping Green Bay out of the end zone. Even an underwhelming Aaron Rodgers is a top QB in the league and he was unable to find anyone for a TD in the first half. Leonard Floyd is starting to show examples of why he was selected in the first round for the Bears as he stripped the ball from Rodgers and picked it up for his first NFL touchdown. Though there are a lot of unknowns on the defense, there are many guys playing with something to prove and have had some good success. Bryce Callahan, for example, has come out of nowhere and looks to be a future leader for the Bears. This Adrian Petersonless Vikings offense isn’t the strongest, so hopefully the defense can turn up the volume tonight and get some turnovers from Sam BADford.

No Choice but to go with Cutler. With Brian Hoyer likely done for the year, the Bears have to stick with Jay Cutler. As he kindly stated, the Bears coach John Fox “doesn’t have a choice.” I still believe Cutler is gone after this season and I think he knows it too. For him, this is more of a try out game as he can hope to go to a QB needy team like the Jets or Browns. I still think Cutler has a few good games left in him and he can take tonight on primetime television to showcase his talents. As mentioned, he and Jeffery have wonderful chemistry and I think we will see that tonight. We will also most likely see an interception because Cutler cannot help himself in that department. However, unlike Hoyer, he is able to find the end zone better, so look for the Bears to potentially be more successful.

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Game Prediction: Vikings 17 Bears 20. I simply cannot explain it, I just have this feeling that they win tonight. The Bears are kind of like my Iowa Hawkeyes, they seem to have one really good upset every year. Last year it was a Thanksgiving upset in Green Bay on Brett Favre Night. Why not pull another fun upset against a division rival on a holiday on national television? The Vikings showed that they can lose, so why not play as a complete unit and beat them? Although beating them means it is helping out the Packers and I am sick of seeing them consistently make the playoffs, so losing may not be the worst thing tonight! I think Cutler will have a good game, my guy Zach Miller will have a TD and blow a kiss to the audience, and Barth makes a game winning field goal with time expiring. Maybe I have had too much candy/Miller Lites and my brain is funky, but this is the outcome I am sticking with.


Miller Count: 0. I had one wild weekend in Iowa City dressed as Beetlejuice. I had many Millers on Friday and Saturday, so I think tonight I will cool it on the drinks and enjoy some Kit-Kat bars and taffy apples. It will be very distracting to watch the game while having trick-or-treaters ring my door bell and my 12 year old Boston Terrier Bailey barking at them.


PS: Jack Reacher was an Amazing Movie: Honestly, go see it. If you like action movies where you laugh a lot because of the corniness, then this is the film for you. It does, however, have a really awesome storyline and Tom Cruise is a total BAD ASS in this movie. America could use Jack Reacher in these struggling times. We need someone that plays by his own rules in order to protect America…. Remind you of anyone?

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