B-Frank’s Week 9 NFL Power Rankings

Biggest Jump: The Carolina Panthers jump 6 spots after their win against Arizona.

Biggest Fall: Seattle, Indianapolis and Tampa Bay all dropped 5 spots after their losses to New Orleans, Kansas City and Oakland.

1. New England Patriots 7-1
Last Week: 1

Nothing new, Tom Brady is the MVP and no one is going to be the Patriots. Pats have a bye this week.

2. Dallas Cowboys 6-1
Last Week: 2

Dak wasn’t at his best but Dallas still managed a late comeback and OT. Zeke was solid and despite few catches Dez made a big impact. The Boys head to Cleveland to play the winless Browns.

3. Denver Broncos 6-2
Last Week: 4

A very bad game from Philip Rivers which featured a pair of pick 6’s gave Denver the home win. Siemian and the offense struggled mightily but thankfully they have that defense. Broncos head to Oakland on Sunday Night.

4. Oakland Raiders 6-2
Last Week: 8

Derek Carr throws for 500+ yards and 4 TDs to pick up a road win in Tampa. They still struggle to build a run game and the defense is suspect at best. Oakland hosts Denver on Sunday Night.

5. Atlanta Falcons 5-3
Last Week: 9 

Matty Ice with a huge road win at Green Bay where he was incredibly efficient and made up for a meager run game. Even with Julio Jones playing with an injury and effectively being shutdown, Matt Ryan continues to build a solid MVP resume (he won’t win but still it’s a great season). Atlanta heads to Tampa Bay on Thursday Night.

6. Green Bay Packers 4-3
Last Week: 6

All it took was a nice Thursday Night game against the Bears to bring back the old Aaron Rodgers, but boy is he back. Throwing for 200+ yards 4 TDs and rushing for 60 is not too shabby. Especially with Starks and Lacy down with injuries, they desperately needed someone to pick up the slack. Alas, the defense was finally exposed and it is bad. Packers host the Colts on Sunday.

7. Minnesota Vikings 5-2
Last Week: 3

This offense line is very bad. The Bears’ defensive line absolutely abused Sam Bradford last night and pressured him into making bad throws. I understand they have injuries, but this is a bad bad loss. Vikes host the Lions in a big NFC North match-up for both teams.

8. Philadelphia Eagles 4-3
Last Week: 7

Really tough road loss against Dallas last week where Wentz outplayed Dak pretty handily. The defense just couldn’t hold on late for the win. Philly heads to New Jersey to play the New York Football Giants.

9. Kansas City Chiefs 5-2
Last Week: 12

Chiefs blew out the Colts on the road after a huge game from Nick Foles of all people. Alex Smith left and entered into concussion protocol so I expect to see Foles starting again this week especially since they play Jacksonville at home.

10. Seattle Seahawks 4-2-1
Last Week: 5

New Orleans is a very tough place to play, but the Saints have a putrid defense and Seattle is supposed to be a favorite out of the NFC. Russ has been very pedestrian this year and cannot seem to find a rhythm. There is no run game and Jimmy Graham has nearly disappeared offensively. Seahawks host the Bills on Monday Night.

11. Buffalo Bills 4-4
Last Week: 11

Can’t really fault the team for losing to the clear-cut best team in the league. I still think this is playoff team, they just need to find some consistency on both ends of the field. Tyrod was bad last week and they desperately need Shady to get healthy. Bills head to Seattle for Monday Night Football.

12. Houston Texans 5-3
Last Week: 15

Texans with a close home win over a pretty decent Detroit team. The biggest key was keeping the ol’ gunslinger Matt Stafford in check. Brock continues to prove that he is just average, but this is a bad talent year in the NFL and average seems to be good enough. Houston has a bye week.

13. Detroit Lions 4-4
Last Week: 13

Detroit lost to the above-mentioned Texans at home. Not a good one to lose, but Detroit has proven they can lose to just about anyone this year. Stafford has to throw for 250+ yards and at least 2 scores if they want to have a chance to win week-in and week-out. Lions head to Minnesota on Sunday.

14. Arizona Cardinals 3-4-1
Last Week: 10

Boy has it been a bad couple weeks for the Cardinals, the 6-6 tie on prime-time against Seattle followed up by a double-digit loss to then 1 win Carolina. Palmer was very good, again, but David Johnson was nowhere to be found. The defense was exposed by a good run game. Arizona has a bye week.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers 4-3
Last Week: 16

Steelers are coming off of a bye week that was much needed, they have a huge divisional game against Baltimore that they need to win to keep them in contention for the division crown.

16. Washington Redskins 4-3-1 
Last Week: 14

The 2nd tie of the season and it was in London nonetheless. Probably the only time that the Brits understood American Football. Kirk Cousins had a nice night/morning? I’m not sure which exactly it was, but he played well but the defense did not. The bright spot is that they didn’t lose. Redskins get a bye to regroup.

17. New York Giants 4-3
Last Week: 17

Giants are coming off of a bye after their London game and boy did they need it coming into a crucial NFC East match-up at home against Philly. Again, if Odell can cut the shit and just play football it will really open up Eli’s game and the Giants will be good to go.

18. New Orleans Saints 3-4
Last Week: 22

Great win for New Orleans against Seattle. Tim Hightower was the story in this one, he ran 26 times for 102 yards which is unheard of in New Orleans. Not only that but Brees attempted less than 40 passes. The defense stepped up big time and delivered a W. Saints head to San Francisco on Sunday with a chance to get back to .500.

19. Los Angeles Rams 3-4
Last Week: 18

The Rams are coming off the bye week following their London game and desperately need to get back on track. They’ve lost 3 in-a-row and have a legit chance to lose another one this weekend as they host the (possibly?) upstart Carolina Panthers.

20. Miami Dolphins 3-4
Last Week: 21

Miami is another team coming off the bye week after picking up two really nice wins against Pittsburgh and Buffalo. They get another home game and another chance to build on their confidence. They host the Jets on Sunday.

21. San Diego Chargers 3-5
Last Week: 19

Philip Rivers really had a chance to win this game, but was way too mistake prone and cold not get it done. He had 3 interceptions and completed just 20 of 47 passes, not ideal. They did, however, get a monster game from Melvin Gordon who ran for 111 yards. In a year where kickers have not thrived, Josh Lambo missed a FG and PAT. Chargers host the Titans on Sunday.

22. Cincinnati Bengals 3-4-1
Last Week: 20

Boy did the Bengals need this one. They play in a VERY winnable division and need to pick up wins wherever they can. Plenty of chances for both teams to win, but neither could find it and we have a tie. Bengals have a bye week following their trip to London.

23. Carolina Panthers 2-5
Last Week: 29

Massive win at home for Carolina. Cam did not play very well, but Jonathon Stewart and the defense carried them to a win. The big question is can Carolina continue to climb back and pull off a playoff run similar to Kansas City last year? We will see as they head to Los Angeles to play the Rams on Sunday.

24. Tennessee Titans 4-4
Last Week: 27

I’m just not sold on this team yet. Mariota is too inconsistent and their wins are against Detroit, Miami, Cleveland and Jacksonville. Pick up a win at San Diego and I’ll start to believe, they play this Sunday.

25. Chicago Bears 2-6
Last Week: 30

The Bears are back! Seriously, watch out for the playoff run right here. Yes, they only have two wins, but both are in the division, I’m not a conspiracy guy, but I am a connect the dots guy. Jay looked good, the defense looked great and they scored 20 points on a very good Minnesota defense. For real though it was a nice win, let’s see if it leads to more. Chicago has a bye.

26. New York Jets 3-5
Last Week: 26

The Jets won! No, seriously. They won another game. They beat the Browns in a close one, but I really do think Cleveland is better than their record shows and it is not an easy place to play. Matt Forte was a work-horse per usual and carried this team. They head to Miami with a chance to get the season back on track.

27. Baltimore Ravens 3-4
Last Week: 25

The team that needed the bye the most got it as the Ravens have lost 4 straight. Their offense is really struggling even after firing Marc Trestman and the defense isn’t playing well right now. They have a good chance to get back on track and get back in their divisional race as they host a Big Ben-less Steelers.

28. Indianapolis Colts 3-5
Last Week: 23

The Colts are bad and they are offering absolutely no help to Andrew Luck who is doing anything and everything he can to win games. He was their leading rusher last week…not ideal. The defense and o-line have been atrocious and that is the root of their problem. Oh yeah, and they don’t have a run game. They head to Green Bay this Sunday.

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-4
Last Week: 24

Not a great game from Jameis, but boy did they have a plethora of chances to win this game. A missed extra point by their 2nd round pick was the game-changer. Plain and simple you need more production from your franchise quarterback if you want to win, the Bucs didn’t get that. Tampa Bay hosts Atlanta on Thursday Night.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-5
Last Week: 28

Jacksonville is a bone-headed play by Tracy Porter away from being a 1 win team and honestly has not proven they are any better than that. Bortles finally played well last week throwing for 300+ yards 3 TDs and more importantly 0 interceptions. This team has no run game and should give up on trying to establish it, they need to run up-tempo and throw the ball to the perimeter to give their playmakers room to move. Jacksonville heads to the red hot Chiefs on Sunday.

31. San Francisco 49ers 1-6
Last Week: 31

The Niners are a very bad team, the worst in the league in my opinion, but until the Browns win a game I cannot rationalize putting anyone behind them. So I’m stuck with San Fran at 31. They’ve scored 20+ points in 3 total games and the defense is giving up an average of 31 points per game, yikes. They host the Saints on Sunday.

32. Cleveland Browns 0-8
Last Week: 32

This was probably Cleveland’s best chance to win the rest of the year as their schedule is not very friendly. McCown was just okay in his return throwing 2 TDs and 2 INTs. I’m a big Terrelle Pryor fan this year, the guy is willing to do whatever it takes to put his team in position to win. They host the Cowboys this Sunday.



People forget: Gordon Bombay only coached the Ducks because it was a court order.

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