Let Me B-Frank Podcast: November 2nd

LMBF has sent John and Nick Philips out to BelieveLand for game 7 so watch for content coming soon from them, BUT in the meantime Brian and I discuss the impending hysteria from game 7, win or lose. Oh and the Bears and Bulls are back, absolutely no doubt about it.

00:00 Hey everyone, the best two words in sports: GAME 7

3:45: Bears are back, Smokin Jay is back, Hoyer stans suck

6:00 Pete hates all bald guys with goatees

7:45 Brian is staying woke about the Bills dildo thrower

9:15 The NFL gives the Brits exactly what they want, a tie

13:15 Breaking News: Brian physically can’t see challenge flags

15:45 Hoiball is officially here, the Bulls are here to stay

18:15 Top 5 Holidays: Pete brings the negativity with his addition of the worst 5 holidays as an adult,¬†holiday food weighs heavily in Brian’s¬†rankings.

26:38 Social Media posts of the week

31:30 Marlins Man is fearing for his safety

33:28 Stats of the week

35:40 Ron Artest was sexually assaulted…by a ghost

38:00 Guess the player, hints: Played on 96-97 Bulls, Bill Walton called him greatest shooting big man of all time, nicknamed the Chief.

39:00 Weekend Plans


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