Russell Westbrook vs. the World Tonight



Westbrook vs. Everybody. Now I do what I want. Westbrook is going for 60 points, 20 boards and 15 dimes tonight. Going to be the sporting experience of a lifetime. NBA game of the year. Westbrook has been throwing more shade than a tree over the past 3 months, and I can’t wait for him to just explode.

Also we need to discuss something. Its “BODIE” not “BRODIE”. I don’t care if he calls himself Brodie, I don’t care if he comes out and says “my nickname is brodie”, it is bodie. Russell Westbrook having a nickname of one of the greatest TV characters of all time is perfect. Brodie Broadus, the most badass man in Baltimore, is the exactly what I think of when I see Westbrook on the court.

Kevin Durant is Marlo, that damn coward, and Russell “Bodie” Westbrook isn’t backing down to him. OKC is Bodie’s corner, and Westbrook ain’t going nowhere. Battle of the year, lets hope Westbrook doesn’t get shot in the back of the head like Bodie. RIP Preston Broadus, the G.O.A.T.



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