Chicago Bears BYE-BYE-BYE Week

Uh Playoffs?!?! The revamped Chicago Bears dominated the Vikings on Monday Night Football on Halloween night. Amazing how when zero experts pick the Bears to win they usually blow the other team out. That Monday night game was so exciting and many Chicagoans are left wanting to watch a good Chicago team play as the Cubs are now done playing for the season (Congrats to the Cubs by the way! Probably the best World Series Finals I have ever seen and I am not even that big of a baseball guy). Well, the Bears are now off as they enter into their BYE week, every football fans least favorite week of the season. Hopefully this doesn’t ruin the momentum that the Bears were starting to seem to catch. Here are some of my notes of the seasons so far and some predictions for the future of the 2016 season.

More Uncertainty at QB. Remember when Hoyer played really well and we were all ready to abandon Cutler? Remember when Hoyer could throw for over 300 yards but not get us TDs? Remember when Cutler had a good game against probably the best defense in football? Remember all the times Cutler has sucked and blown it for us? Remember how the front office refuses to draft a QB? SO MANY QUESTIONS!! There really is uncertainty in the QB department. Even with Cutler playing this well and showing leadership skills, there is probably a good chance he is gone after this season. I have never been one to jump on the bandwagon and blame Cutler for all of the Bears problems. The only concern I have right now is his age. We know what Jay Cutler is and he isn’t going to turn into Tom Brady overnight. My solution is to continue to build that defense up, keep Cutler, and draft a QB to play under him. We have seen many teams have success through drafting a QB to replace their franchise guy (the Packers with Favre and Rodgers; the Cowboys with Romo and Prescott). Cutler has never been the Bears main problem. In the past when the Bears had a great defense, they were always playoff caliber and then Cutler would get hurt and they’d miss the playoffs due to shitty backup QBs that aren’t named Josh McCown. Not Jay’s fault.

McPhee and the D! Are the Monsters of the Midway back? Well, I think this is the best we have seen our defense look since Urlacher has left. That isn’t saying a whole lot because since he left, the D has been absolute trash. I realize that the Vikings Petersonless offense isn’t that good, but WOW! That was a fun game to watch. This defense, when healthy, has some serious potential. I still have some concerns about the secondary, but the linebacker crew is stacked! Also, I think Leonard Floyd is proving to be a steal in the draft even at the 9th pick. He is a skinny pass rusher, but his speed makes up for it. If you have Floyd, Willie Young, Akiem Hicks, and Pernell McPhee coming at your QB, bad things are gonna happen to you! These monsters are really starting to come alive!

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Jordan Howard you are Ridiculous! NFC Offensive Player of the Week award goes to our favorite new RB.  I keep raving about this guy, but he looks so good! He can be explosive when touching the ball and looks like a guy you would hate trying to tackle. Howard is ranked 15th in rushing yards in the NFL. That is really impressive considering he didn’t start the first 3 games of the season. This guy has some ridiculous potential and you would be a fool to not buy into his stock. If you are looking into buying a Bears jersey, Howard might be worth considering.

Future of the 2016 Season. It is such a shame that the Bears blew games to the Colts and Jaguars. Those loses could prove to be the reason the Bears don’t go far this year. I was talking with some fellow Let Me B-Frank bloggers about this, the next games on the Bears schedule are the Buccs, Giants, Titans, and 49ers. There is a real chance that the Bears could be 6-6 after facing these teams. This wouldn’t be the first time a John Fox team has started off with a losing record and made the playoffs (Hi Tim Tebow!). Obviously, the Bears are the Bears after all, but I am SAYING THERE’S A CHANCE! They have to just take it one game at a time and hope that fellow NFC teams chasing wildcard spots begin to lose momentum. The last time the Bears had a winning season, Lovie Smith’s last season, they finished 10-6 and missed out on the playoffs. Hopefully, 10-6 gets you into the playoffs this year. It is the only thing the Bears can hope for. All my Packer friends, I am looking at you Riley Gallagher you bum, love to laugh and say “oh you are blowing a good draft pick”. Yeah well so what?!?! I would rather cheer on a team trying to make the playoffs than cheer for my team to lose just so they draft a guy who could be make or break for the team.

Message to Chicagoland Area: Be Positive! Hey the Cubs won the World Series. I am a White Sox fan till the day I die, but for sure am tipping my hat to them. Hopefully the Bears can realize they now have the longest streak of losing and see how passionate Chicago fans are. We have the best fans on the planet. Yeah we lose a lot, but when we win the whole planet knows it. Our goofy Chicago accents are imitated and people are happy for us. So my message to Chicago is keep believing in our teams. Keep showing greedy owners that we want to win more than anything. Our beautiful city is also the murder capital of the world and no one seems to talk about that. Not trying to get political, but Mr. Southside Obama has not done a DAMN thing about solving the violence in the south side of Chicago and it sickens me. So you know what, hopefully Chicago can become a sports driven city and bring more positivity to the lives of people in need. In a world of so much hate, wouldn’t it be great if we could all unite and have teams to be proud of and cheer for? And to the youth, we have awesome athletes like Rajon Rando giving speeches to kids on the south side and Dwayne Wade having his own charity. We are a city that loves our athletes and could use all the help in the world right now. So Chicago, let’s continue to try staying positive and continue to work together in order to make this city even greater.



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