The Great Chicago Debate: Who was better 05 Sox or 16 Cubs?

Hell has not frozen over and Chicago has not burned to the ground, but the Cubs are World Series champions.  During this playoff run I noticed a wide variety of emotions from White Sox fans. Some became instant fans of any opponent while others casually tipped their cap. What remained consistent was the love for their champs, the 2005 White Sox. What will eventually ensue is the constant bar room debate on which team was better. The Sox had the most dominant playoff run in recent memory only losing one game. The Cubs had arguably one of the most stacked lineups that was mostly built from the ground up. I am here to nip this debate in the butt right here right now. With the help of What if Sports I simulated 100 hundred games between the 05 Sox and the 16 Cubs. The results speak for themselves.


Every game was played at a neutral site, Miller Park. I did this to eliminate crowd factors as I am a firm believer in fan impact. Also If a series like this were to occur the city WOULD in fact be destroyed after, so why not Milwaukee?

Lineups and Results

50 games were simmed with the Cubs as the home team(no DH) and 50 with the Sox (DH).

Sox (Home) v. Cubs (Away)

  • Starters will be Buehrle v. Lester (remember this is simming individual games not a series)
  • Schwarber was not available for this website so I replaced him with Soler
1Dexter FowlerCF
2Kris Bryant3B
3Anthony Rizzo1B
4Ben ZobristLF
5Addison RussellSS
6Jorge SolerDH
7Willson ContrerasC
8Jason HeywardRF
9Javier Baez2B
1Scott PodsednikLF
2Tadahito Iguchi2B
3Carl EverettDH
4Paul Konerko1B
5Aaron RowandCF
6Jermaine DyeRF
7A.J. PierzynskiC
8Joe Crede3B
9Juan UribeSS


Cubs 33- 17

Sox 17-33

Cubs (Home) v. Sox (Away)

1Dexter FowlerCF
2Kris Bryant3B
3Anthony Rizzo1B
4Ben Zobrist2B
5Addison RussellSS
6Jason HeywardRF
7Willson ContrerasC
8Chris CoghlanLF


1Scott PodsednikLF
2Tadahito Iguchi2B
3Paul Konerko1B
4Aaron RowandCF
5Jermaine DyeRF
6A.J. PierzynskiC
7Joe Crede3B
8Juan UribeSS


Cubs 31-19

Sox 19-31


So there you have it. Part of me wanted it to be the Sox because that just makes for better writing. Even without Schwarber the Cubs really capitalized on the use of the DH. Regardless of how these results make you feel, no number or statistic can take away our 2005 and 2016 championships.


Nick Anton

The next Paul Heyman if Law School works out.

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3 Responses

  1. Pretty cool stuff. For my money, I’ll take this Cubs team and what they had to overcome. Not just the 3-1 comeback but the overwhelming and paralyzing history.

    Unfortunately, I had to work the night of Game 7, but I work at a newspaper, and built the front page celebrating this Cubs historic win, which was a tremendous thrill.

    Here’s my story:

    • Nick Anton says:

      I’d have to agree with you on that. Way more diversity for the Cubs. Gotta love the opportunity to write about the win. History is decided by the winners.

  2. dave says:

    Must be a cub fan nick. no contest. white sox faced better teams than the cubs and went 11-1,cubs struggled with a mediocre Cleveland team. 05 White sox pitching would shut down any team including the rookie cub batters,not to mention they beat up on lackey in 05.4-0 in a world series simulation.white sox. look at the payrolls too. cubs bought their pitching staff in 16.all former American league pitchers and some hitters,american league manager and American league general manager,Very smart to put the superior American league players against national league teams. think about that, I know its hard for cub fans to admit,but there is no comparison to the 05 sox,sorry to burst your bubble.statistics don’t lie,

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