7 Absurd Stats from the First 2 Weeks of the NBA Season

Yes, I know, sample size sample size sample size. But, it’s still fun to look at some metrics wayyy too early in the season. (Disclaimer: These stats do not include the games played on 11/7.)

  1. Joakim Noah’s offensive rating is good for, you guessed it, second in the entire NBA. At 118.5, he trails only Aussie PG Patty Mills, who boasts a 120.3 rating.
  2. Joel “The Process” Embiid is taking 2.3 three’s a game, and making 66.7% of them. You know that scene in Spongebob when Squidward curled up in a ball and started chanting “Futurrrre, futurrrre”? That’s what every single 76er’s fan is doing right now.
  3. Remember when everyone said Russell Westbrook was going to take a crazy amount of shots after Durant left? Well DeMar Derozan might give Russ a run for his money; he’s currently taking 24.5 shots a game and making 52.4% of them, while Westbrook is taking 24.8 and shooting at only a 44.3% clip.
  4. Bobby Portis is shooting 91% on field goal attempts from 5 feet or less. I guess those crazy eyes do give him an advantage.
  5. DeMarcus Cousins leads the league in both fouls drawn, and fouls committed, at 9.4 and 4.3, respectively. He had 5 fouls called on him in the 4th quarter alone a few nights ago.
  6. Former Bull, CJ Watson, has played in 4 games this season and every single point he’s scored has been on a fast break.
  7. Boris Diaw has not been assisted on any of his points scored so far this season. Maybe that’s why he’s shooting 9.1% from the field.


Stats courtesy of http://stats.nba.com/


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