Theo Epstein and the Front Office Ate Goat in the Bleachers

How do you celebrate winning your first World Series in 108 years? You eat some goat in the bleachers.


Photo credit: Chicago Sun-Times

Finally, a goat was allowed into the premises of Wrigley Field. I’m not sure how you even eat goat. Maybe you throw some A1 on it?

This has to be one of the best feelings ever. You win the World Series in a thrilling Game 7. Party. Celebrate in a parade with five million people. Party. Order up some goat for Jed and the rest of the front office and eat it. That’s how you literally and figuratively put away the “curse of the goat”: you eat the damn animal.

Theo Epstein continues a remarkable run as president of the Cubs. He proves that anything is possible: one can enjoy a Bud Light and some goat for lunch while weighing qualifying offers and options for some of his players. That’s the dream of running an MLB team right there.


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