Mark Cuban Declares War on Crooked ESPN

Cuban gives ESPN the ol’ “And for that reason, I’m out”

News broke yesterday that Mark Cuban was revoking the Mavericks media credentials for 2 ESPN NBA reporters, Tim MacMahon and Marc Stein. ESPN made the decision tim-macmahon-and-marc-steinthis season to change Tim MacMahon’s role from full-time Mavs beat writer, to more of an NBA writer at large, and from the outside it seems like Cuban wasn’t too happy about it. Per Tim Cato of the Mavs Moneyball Blog, “After ESPN failed to return MacMahon to a full-time beat position, Cuban followed through on an initial warning and revoked his and Stein’s credentials.”

Neither Cuban nor ESPN have given a clear answer to what the issue is about, and Cuban has made sure to emphasize that “it has nothing to do with the editorial” and “It’s a much bigger issue” than what is being reported. It should also be noted that the Mavs currently sit at 1-5…

There’s nothing better than a little speculation, right? Let me throw some ideas out and sees if any of these theories can explain why Mark Cuban is telling ESPN to shove it.

  1. This whole thing eventually turns out to be a stunt to plug his worthless “Dust” app.
  2. He doesn’t want ESPN to finally realize he paid Harrison Barnes $94 million dollars.
  3. Cuban offered them 100k for a 20% stake and ESPN decided to go with Daymond John instead. Also Lori Greiner is a smoke.
  4. He’s just building up hype around his inevitable 2020 Presidential Candidacy. VP: Dirk, Sec. of Defense: Samuel Dalembert, Sec. of State: JJ Barea, Sec. of the Treasury: Jason Terry, Sec. of the Interior: Erick Dampier, Attorney General: Don Nelson.
  5. Chris Broussard and his multiple sources are moving to FS1, so he’s giving Chris free reign to all the sources, all of them. This is the winner right here, I can feel it.

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