Tommy Armstrong JR’s Concussion Protocol Is Going Smoothly, Cleared To Practice Thursday

Coach Mike Riley says that Armstrong JR is healing up nicely and will practice tomorrow. This is obviously good news because he’s not brain dead but is a nice improvement from yesterday where he was listed as day-to-day. If the doctor’s clear him in time, expect him to start against Minnesota. I’m not sure if the Huskers were ever really flirting with the playoffs but just like every girl I’ve talked to, she’s talking to 6 guys other than me. A nice bowl somewhere in the Sunshine State is probably still on the table so there’s that. This season will pay off MAJOR dividends for recruiting so hunker down in your nearest old man bar, get a bowl of chili and a cinnamon roll*, and wait for spring football.


*I truly don’t understand why that combination is a thing. Granted, I’ve never tried but I’ve also never had to ear a peanut butter and toothpaste sandwich to know that it tastes like dog shit.


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