Day: November 18, 2016

Minnesota Tops St. John’s; Gavitt Games End In A Tie

This shouldn’t happen. What the hell kind of half-assed challenge ends in a tie in back-to-back years? This is amateur hour and a disgrace to the legend Dave Gavitt. There are 14 Big Ten teams and 10 Big East teams, how the hell can we not figure out a 9 game system where we can declare a winner each year AND ensure the best teams play. Michigan State, Indiana and Xavier were not included in the Games this year and they are arguably 3 of the 10 most talented teams in America. Absurd. Something needs to change in the...

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Jarome Iginla Has The Most Outrageous Name Ever

I’m sitting at a bar tonight, when a friend asks about what team Jarome Iginla plays for. So naturally I take to google as I am unsure if he still plays in the league. Upon finding his Wikipedia page I noticed he has the most outrageous name on Earth. His full name is: Jarome Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis Iginla. There are SO many questions I have right now. Are these all family names and how the fuck does Elvis get in there?  How of all these name does Jarome make it to the first name? Tig Iginla sounds...

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Week 12 College Football Picks

Last Week: 4-2 Season Record: 36-25 We are right on the cusp of 60%, which is the cutoff for good gambling. No reason we cant’ get there with 3 weeks to go. LSU -13.5 Florida LSU vs. Florida UNDER 38 There is no way Florida keeps this within 14 if it goes over 38. They wont score more than 10. So the worst we can do here is 1-1, and I think there is a great chance LSU wins 20-6 or something and we get both wins. UMASS +30.5 @ BYU BYU isn’t winning any games by 30, they...

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Chicago Bears at New York Giants Prediction: Does Anyone Even Care Anymore?

Sucks to Suck. The Bears showed their true colors last week by getting blown out by the Tampa Bay peewee team known as the Buccaneers. What silly fools we all were, thinking this was a new Jay Cutler who would lead us to the promised land. Sure, maybe Cutler’s attitude is better than before, but his arm looked like an all-time low. I have seen Bad Cutler multiple times, but this may have been the worst I have ever seen him play. Underthrowing, overthrowing, not protecting the football, forcing passes, etc., he simply looked awful! Do not for one...

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Ireland Announces That They Will Host The Rugby World Cup In 2023

Here’s the link for Liam Neeson’s soul-stirring soliloquy AWESOME news for rugby fans. Simply fantastic. Ireland is a land of vast beauty and immeasurable charm among the people who call it home and they’ll welcome the world there for a few weeks in 2023. It is a spectacular time to be a fan of anything Irish, seeing as they broke a curse older than that of the Cubs just a few weeks ago and Conor McGregor now holds 2 belts. The coming RWC will be in Japan in 2019, which I’m thinking about attending but having the tournament in the Old...

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