Chicago Bears at New York Giants Prediction: Does Anyone Even Care Anymore?

Sucks to Suck. The Bears showed their true colors last week by getting blown out by the Tampa Bay peewee team known as the Buccaneers. What silly fools we all were, thinking this was a new Jay Cutler who would lead us to the promised land. Sure, maybe Cutler’s attitude is better than before, but his arm looked like an all-time low. I have seen Bad Cutler multiple times, but this may have been the worst I have ever seen him play. Underthrowing, overthrowing, not protecting the football, forcing passes, etc., he simply looked awful! Do not for one second blame the defense for last week’s embarrassment. No defense can win games when the offense has that many turnovers. OH YEAH ICING ON THE CAKE: Alshon Jeffery is a cheater and suspended for 4 games. It is just so much fun being a Bears fan right now! I love when I am out of town and people give me crap about how bad the Bears are. OK back to business, I have got a few ideas and I guess I will make a prediction for the game.

New QB. Yay Cutler, Boo Jay! It has been nonstop. One week Cutler will look like a really great quarterback and people say “see he isn’t that bad!” Then the next week people say “Cutler sucks!” Look, last week was a nightmare. Cutler’s days of being considered even average may be all but over. I have never been one to blame Jay for all of the Bears troubles and he has gone through absolute hell through the years with having multiple coordinators, 3 different head coaches, terrible offensive line at times, a few concussions, and a cynical fan base. Yeah he is getting paid a crazy amount and has a beautiful wife, but you still have to feel for the guy. Whether or not you are a Cutler fan, he has to go after this season. For too long, he has been the scapegoat for the Bears problems. Even though I solely blame George McCaskey for all of the Bears issues because he has no idea how to operate a football team, Cutler just needs to go. Now who do you get to replace Cutler? Well, you either use your high draft pick to select a quarterback, or you sign Tony Romo (LOL) and draft a guy 2nd or 3rd round. Is Romo any better than Cutler? Maybe just a bit. Is he going to turn this team around and make them elite? Doubt it. Should you be hopeful that the Bears can draft a QB that will succeed? Who knows…

BUILD THAT D. Finally, the Bears D is borderline top 10 in the league. The pass rush has been really successful and fun to watch. Only issue the defense has is in the secondary. The secondary is definitely better than last year, but there is plenty of work to still be done. This offseason, they better find some elite CB. I truly believe that Leonard Floyd is going to be a star. He has been a great draft choice and I hope he stays on the Bears for the long term. This has historically been a defensive franchise; let’s continue focusing on the D and Make The Bears Great Again!

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Re-sign the Cheater. I am extremely disappointed in Alshon Jeffery. For those of you living under a rock, he got suspended for violating the league’s policy for performance enhancement drugs. He claims he did not know the substance was illegal, I don’t really care. Whatever, the Bears are not making the playoffs. But, he still is a top receiver. If the Bears want to have a new QB or still for some odd reason believe in Cutler, they need to keep Jeffery. The guy can make unbelievable catches even when playing injured. Besides him you have Cameron Meredith (pretty good), Eddie Royal (Good but getting old), Kevin White (BUST), Josh Bellamy (Who?) and Marquess Wilson (Injury man). Oh and an amazing TE Zach Miller. Real talk, if Kevin White is our number one receiver next year, I am quitting right away. Resign Jeffery or please find a suitable replacement.


Game Prediction: BEARS 17 Giants 14. WHY?!?! BECAUSE WHY NOT! I really do not believe in this team anymore and neither does the rest of the city. Most people are still celebrating the Cubs while the other Chicagoans are focusing on the Blackhawks/Bulls. What do you want me to say? “Oh give the ball to Howard!” “Eli Manning has a lot of turnovers” “Weird to see Robbie Gould on a new team”. I mean who cares? That would be great if Robbie Gould gets the game winning field goal and beats us. Middle finger pointed right at the front office. Even if the Bears win, I still think my ideas need to be implemented after this season.


Miller Lite Prediction: none because I hopefully will turn the game off early and go hike somewhere. If we are getting blown out and you are my friend, don’t text me about it. I already turned the game off and you are just reminding me why I should be upset.


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