Fenwick-Plainfield North Live Blog

3:25pm: Late arriving crowd at Triton, brisk weather with gusting winds, football weather. 

3:30pm: Friars kick off to start the game. 

11:02 1st Quarter: Friars force a 3 and out, short punt into the wind, Fenwick ball at the Plainfield North 40.

8:51 1st: Plainfield forces 3 and out, Fenwick punts, Tigers take over at their own 10. 

6:44 1st: A great homage to punt week as the Tigers go 3 and out. Fenwick ball at the Tiger 46. 

4:14 1st: Tigers pick off Fenwick in the end zone. Friars picked up the first 1st down of the game before the forced pass. 

2:46 1st: Tigers go 3 and out again. Fenwick takes over at the Tiger 35. Friar defense looks good. 

End of 1st: Friars 0 Tigers 0 

Friars driving in the red zone after a drive was kept alive by a face mask penalty. 

11:41 2nd: Fenwick fumble, Tigers ball at their own 8. Not ideal. 

9:43 2nd: Tiger 3 and out, Fenwick ball at their own 40.

6:56 2nd: Fenwick goes for it on 4th and 17 gets a Defensive PI call. Penalty somehow made it 4th and 4. Friars draw them offside on the next play. 

4:42 2nd: Tigers convert their first 1st down of the game. 

3:05 2nd: 3rd and 16 screen for 44 yards, Tigers are driving late. 

0:55 2nd: Friars break up a pass in the end zone to force a 4th and 10. Time out Fenwick. 

0:45 2nd: Friars intercept the pass and bring it to the 42. Plenty of time and they’re looking to throw. 

HALFTIME Fenwick 7 Plainfield North 0

11:53 3rd: Fenwick opens the half with a return to their 33. 

9:15 3rd: Friars are driving, back in the red zone at the Tiger 12. 

6:42 3rd: Big defensive stop in the red zone for Plainfield, hold Fenwick to a FG. 10-0 Friars. 

5:41 3rd: Fenwick defense forces 3 and out with a real chance to put Plainfield North in trouble. Take over at their own 42. 

4:12 3rd: Tigers with a huge defensive stand forcing the punt. Bad punt by Fenwick, Tiger ball at their 40. 

0:26 3rd: TOUCHDOWN PLAINFIELD NORTH 10-7 after a solid drive by the Tigers. 

End of 3rd Quarter Fenwick 10-Plainfield North 7

9:55 4th: Keller and O’Laughlin connect on back-to-back 3rd downs to keep the Friar drive alive. Ball near midfield. 

8:46 4th: Fenwick punts. Tiger ball at their own 25. 

7:06 4th: Plainfield’s offense is coming alive with a nice drive into Fenwick territory. 

5:43 4th: Big stand by the Fenwick defense on 4th down. Friars ball at their 22. Time to run the clock. 

4:00 4th: Clock ticking, Fenwick running game looking to close this out. 

3:01 4th: Time out Plainfield. Huge 3rd and 7 coming up at the Fenwick 36. 

2:51 4th: Pass deflection at the line forces a punt. Tiger ball at the 35. 2 timeouts left. 

2:30 4th: Clock ticking. Tigers run a double pass for a big first down. 

2:20 4th: Tiger touchdown called back on a penalty. 1st and 25. 

1:34 4th: PASS INTERCEPTED! Fenwick ball! A first down would seal it. 

1:27 4th: During the timeout an unsportmanlike was called against Plainfield. 1st down Friars. Crowd is buzzing. 

1:00 4th: Friars kneel, one minute away from becoming first team in school history to play for the State Championship. 

0:00 4th: Fenwick called for an intentional grounding. No one knows what’s happening. Teams still on the field. Tiger ball at the Fenwick 10 lining up for a FG. Check that ball at the 5. Timeout Fenwick. 

0:00 4th: Another Fenwick timeout to ice the kicker. 

0:00 4th: Field goal is Good! We’re heading to overtime. What a scene at Triton. 

Overtime: Friars with the ball to start OT at the 10. 

Overtime: TOUCHDOWN FENWICK! Lillig runs it in, PAT is good. 17-10 Friars. Score or go home for the Tigers. 

Overtime: TOUCHDOWN TIGERS! They’re lining up for 2 and a shot at the State Championship. 

Video of last play: ​

FINAL: Plainfield North 18-Fenwick 17. 



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