Day: November 20, 2016

It’s Time to Change the Culture in Green Bay

The Packers were embarrassed again on national television by Washington, leaving them at a shocking 4-6 record. Many people pegged the Packers among the NFC’s elite, but their sub-.500 record only has them ahead of three NFC teams: Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco. Those teams are really bad, and the Packers are closer to being on their level than they are the teams ahead of them in the standings. Green Bay surrendered three Kirk Cousins home run balls within the first 11 minutes of a crucial fourth quarter of a 42-24 loss that was a final attempt to save...

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Update: IHSA Denies Fenwick’s Appeal, Heading to Court on Wednesday

According to sources close to the situation, the IHSA will be holding an emergency meeting Monday morning at 7:30am to discuss the highly controversial finish to the 7A State Semi-Final game between Fenwick and Plainfield North. We will continue to update as the details emerge. Update: The IHSA has denied Fenwick’s appeal, however, there looks to be a potential court case coming as the Friars weigh their options. UPDATE: Fenwick released a statement and has decided to move forward with legal action. The court hearing will be held this Wednesday, we will continue to update as we find out...

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And In Lesser Rugby News, The US and Canada Are Set To Co-Host The Rugby LEAGUE World Cup In 2025

NO WAY! STOP THE PRESSES!!! Well, it looks like the weird step-brother of rugby (already the creepy uncle of football) has picked the locale of the most prestigious tournament in the rugby LEAGUE  universe. I keep highlighting LEAGUE because it is technically a different sport from the rugby that I normally write about, as seen here. The tackling, scrumming, and rucking are all different or are all together gotten rid of and they play 5 downs like in football. Weird blend but I guess its really popular in other parts of the world, like the Metric system and malaria. The...

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Texas Fires Charlie Strong, Could He Be Headed To South Bend?

^Flicka da wrist Charlie Strong was just relieved of duties head coach of the Texas Longhorns today. Kinda amazing how this guy ran such an incredible program into the ground. More impressive than anything. Maybe tied with Florida, the great state of Texas probably has the best in-state recruiting so I can only stand and bow to that feat of ineptitude. Meanwhile, in South Bend, there’s another coach on the hot seat who also ran an historically dominant program with a top 3 recruiting draw in the country, my man Brian Kelly. Ol’ Shit-For-Brains has yet to be fired...

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Sound Guy Gets Blown Up By Vikings Players

Vikings Linval Joseph absolutely destroys Fox sound guy during pregame intros — CJ Fogler (@cjzero) November 20, 2016 If I’m a Vikes fan this is really encouraging, the boys got off the bus running today and are ready to go. This poor guy, RIP in peace because I’m not sure how you can physically get back up after that hit. I do have some questions for him: where the fuck are you going, guy? What is so important that you have to get to the other side of this Viking ship entrance thing? Especially when you know that...

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