And In Lesser Rugby News, The US and Canada Are Set To Co-Host The Rugby LEAGUE World Cup In 2025

NO WAY! STOP THE PRESSES!!! Well, it looks like the weird step-brother of rugby (already the creepy uncle of football) has picked the locale of the most prestigious tournament in the rugby LEAGUE  universe. I keep highlighting LEAGUE because it is technically a different sport from the rugby that I normally write about, as seen here. The tackling, scrumming, and rucking are all different or are all together gotten rid of and they play 5 downs like in football. Weird blend but I guess its really popular in other parts of the world, like the Metric system and malaria. The worst part of the whole thing is co-hosting it our smug neighbors to the north. It’s like Ricky Gervais and Sarah Silverman co-hosting the Dub Step Grammys, nothing about it sounds pleasant in the least. Whatever, maybe we’ll get some dumbass Aussies to buy me free drinks at the bars after, which seems to be my speciality. I don’t even know if the US has a team but I’ll put a grand on ’em.


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