Texas Fires Charlie Strong, Could He Be Headed To South Bend?

^Flicka da wrist

Charlie Strong was just relieved of duties head coach of the Texas Longhorns today. Kinda amazing how this guy ran such an incredible program into the ground. More impressive than anything. Maybe tied with Florida, the great state of Texas probably has the best in-state recruiting so I can only stand and bow to that feat of ineptitude. Meanwhile, in South Bend, there’s another coach on the hot seat who also ran an historically dominant program with a top 3 recruiting draw in the country, my man Brian Kelly. Ol’ Shit-For-Brains has yet to be fired but I can only imagine its coming, as evidenced by ND alumni. As soon as I saw that Strong was shit canned, I made a bulletin board like something out of A Beautiful Mind to show the link between Charlie Strong and ND and I think it makes perfect sense (no it doesn’t). Open your third eye and see the truth smacking you in the face!


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