Goldberg v. Brock Lesnar: What the Hell was that?

Last night millions of WWE fans tuned in to see a gargantuan Goliath vs. Goliath match-up. After being forced to sit through Vince McMahon’s sad attempt to show that RAW is the  better show (still not true) we finally got our match. The result? A 55 second beatdown resulting in a Goldberg victory. Goldberg fans are ecstatic but any true WWE fan should be furious. The following is why.


The Reason the Match Even Happened was Absurd

As soon as WWE 2k17 was released the WWE universe saw this coming. The beast vs the old monster. Are we really going to let a video game set up this huge match? Where have we seen this before? Well if you dig back into your infinite bank of useless knowledge this story comes directly from the movie Rocky Balboa, where a video game simulation sparks a rivalry that ends all bar debates. The last match between these two was downright awful and instead of atoning for their mistakes the WWE decided to put on an even worse match to make the old look somewhat better.


Brock Lesnar would DESTROY Goldberg in a real fight

The reason some wrestling matches are so much better than others is the concept of suspending disbelief. Most fans consider matches with believable outcomes to be the best case scenario for the sport as they successfully suspend your disbelief that the match is staged. This is why guys like Rey Mysterio should never beat guys like The Big Show. So to break down last night’s match we have a former UFC champion and National Champion college wrestler losing to an untalented big man who once got beat up by Chris Jericho backstage… In 55 seconds… REALLY?!


Goldberg is out of shape

Yeah I said it, but I would not say it to his face. To clarify, Goldberg is out of wrestling shape. If the WWE was confident enough that he could last in a 20 minute match, the match would have lasted 20 minutes. Instead they got our hopes up for months only to disappoint. If the role was reversed and Brock won in 55 seconds, Goldberg’s career is over. This was the only scenario that keeps his career intact with the current shape he was in. With this outcome the WWE shamelessly assures that these two fight at least two more times.


To conclude, the match seemed to be a promo for the video game rather than an actual match. It seemed like the WWE was going for  the angle of,”If you don’t like the outcome, buy our game and redo it the way you like it.” This match is another reminder that this sport is a business first and the WWE is willing to lose credibility in order to sell a couple extra copies of their game.




Nick Anton

The next Paul Heyman if Law School works out.

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