Rondo Holding The Bulls Back

The Chicago Bulls have been playing way above expectations this season, going 9-5 so far, and are currently 3-1 (Should be 4-0, BS call on Jimmy lost them the Clippers game) on their annual circus road trip. One of the biggest reasons for the team’s success is that Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler have both improved their 3pt% dramatically; Jimmy bumping his percentage up to 41.7% from 31.2% last season, and Wade shooting 37.8% while being a career 28.7% shooter from beyond the arc.

But you know who still can’t shoot? Rajon Rondo, who is shooting 25% from three, a number even lower than his career percentage of 28.8%. And these are wide open attempts for the most part, nearly 80% of his 3pt shots are with a defender more than 4ft away from him. So the guy just flat out cannot shoot, and the numbers show that he’s dragging the team down.

The net rating with Butler & Wade on the floor without Rondo is a ludicrous +24.7, while with all three of them on the court it’s -2.6. Hoiberg seems to have recognized this trend and has started staggering the minutes more often between these 3. I think the best solution at this point would be to bench Rondo in favor of Grant, but I from a chemistry perspective, that doesn’t seem wise, considering Rondo’s personality.

All of this aside, I am ecstatic that the Bulls are playing well, and other than playing Bobby Portis far too much during crunch time, Hoiberg is running this team pretty effectively.

Also, shout out to Taj and Lopez for killing it on the offensive boards and running a damn clinic in the low post, keep it up big fellas.


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