After Technical Difficulties, We Finally Learned the NHL Vegas Team Name

Folks, that introductory press conference was terrible.

This sums it up nicely:

The video revealing the name would not start. They brought up GM George McPhee, owner Bill Daley, and commissioner Gary Bettman were interviewed multiple times in order to kill time. And we didn’t even get the uniforms.

But finally, we got the name.

Apparently, the owner wanted “Black Knights” being a West Point grad and all, but it didn’t work out. At least they dropped the “Las” from the front. Vegas Golden Knights isn’t terrible.

Vegas Knights would have been better. So much double entendre.

Sin City Syphilis may have been more appropriate.

The Golden Knights will now become the “poachers” as they begin to dissect the other 30 NHL rosters and examining potentially available players to pluck. For Vegas’ sake, let’s hope the technical difficulties and ineptitude unveiling the team branding weren’t an omen for this non-traditional hockey market.



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