Week 13 College Football Picks

Last Week: 5-3

Season Record: 41-28 (59.4%)

We are right at the 60% mark, need one last winning week. Last week so lets go all out.

Texas -2.5 vs. TCU

I try not to get all into the emotional side of the game when betting, but if you think Texas loses this game you are crazy. They are going to player harder than they would in the National Title. There just simply isn’t a chance they lose.

Michigan +7 @ Ohio State (buy the half)

Michigan @ Ohio State UNDER 45.5 *2 units*

3 units on the big game of the week. Michigan isn’t scoring at all, but I think they hold OSU down too. J.T Barrett can’t throw and Michigan isn’t gonna let OSU run on them, so it will be in J.T’s hands. I think OSU wins this one 13-10.

Maryland -13.5 vs. Rutgers

Maryland has 5 wins. This game decides their bowl fate. They are a total mess, but this is Rutgers. I have to believe they can win by at least 20. Rutgers has been a disaster on the road.

Mizzou vs. Arkansas OVER 74.5

Mizzou just gave up 63 to Josh Dobbs, so lets lock in 50 for Arkansas. That means Mizzou needs 24.5. You know who else stinks on defense? Arkansas, they are garbage. This one goes over by 10.

Arizona State -3 @ Arizona

Arizona is awful. They have no business being less than touchdown dogs in any game. Sun Devils by 10

Purdue @ Indiana OVER 63 *2 Units*

Love this over. Purdue is so damn bad on defense, but has managed to put up around 20 every game. So that means IU needs 43. They get 49.

Louisville -25 vs. Kentucky *2 units*

Lamar Jackson Heisman Clincher Time. The Cards are putting up 56. So can they hold UK under 30? I think so.

Syracuse @ Pitt OVER 68

Pitt is sneaky a high flying attack. Their games go over 68 regularly. Sure Syracuse is down their starting QB, but Zach Mahoney and I played baseball together when I was 11 so I trust him blindly to keep up the attack. Humble Brag. Yeah but seriously love this over, Pitt wins 49-28.

Auburn @ Alabama UNDER 47

Auburn is going to score 3 points. Alabama might score 44 but I am willing to bet against it. Like Bama -17 here too but I’m on the under instead.

Oregon -3 @ Oregon State

This one is where I throw out the stats and just go with the gut. Oregon’s current players are used to excellence. They went to the CFP two years ago. They are finding a way to win this one against the hated rival.

Cal +3.5 vs. UCLA

Love this one, UCLA is dead, totally dead. Cal by two scores.


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