Day: November 25, 2016

A Note About Rocket League 

So Henry and his flunky from Naz who will remain unnamed, as we do with all our sources, are playing Rocket League, the video game with race cars and soccer. Prime time drinking game. Anyway, they’re 1-7 right now and morale is low. Tweet at us for any tips/punishments. May God keep you trill, have a Friday night, chaps. Share this:PrintTweetEmailLike this:Like...

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Week 12 Fantasy Football Preview – Thanksgiving Edition!

One of my fantasy teams is mathematically eliminated and the other two are on the fringe of making the playoffs. At this point folks, this is all for the love of the game. In the spirit of Thanksgiving I’m going to name three things I’m thankful for from the 2016 season, as well as three big time C’mon Mans. The C’mon Mans highlight times when I royally screwed up fantasy wise. Hank’s Thanks My first thank you goes to my brother Daniel. On October 29 we completed a trade in our family league. I gave him Alshon Jeffery and...

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