The Most Exciting Game of the Season: Titans vs BEARS…. Can Da Bears find a Secret Weapon?

A Thanksgiving weekend showdown. The 5-6 Titans take on the greatest team on earth: DA BEARS. Just when people are ready to count Da Bears out of playoff contention, they are going to wish they never did because this team is deadly. Likely playing without Cutler, USC lovable Matt Barkley will take over as the starter. Here are DA KEYS to success.

Image result for space jam barkley is killing us “HONEY WILL YOU JUST LET ME WATCH THE GAME? BARKLEY IS KILLING US”

It ain’t over yet McGavin. Hey, 8-8 could win the division still! You may be saying to yourself “let’s tank and get a good pick” and I say to you “How does a nice punch to the gnads sound?” Da Bears will find a way! Go bite your tongue and bark along with Barkley today!

If Barkley doesn’t work, a new potential qb for the future? Conlon Thanksgiving included a mannequin challenge and a male football game. Both my brother and I were the quarterbacks for each team. The game ended in a 14-14 tie. My team, way younger by age, was trailing by a TD on the last drive of the game. 4th and long, my receivers go deep. The 5 one thousand count is up and here comes the blitz. I throw it high off my back foot and Cousin Shane makes the catch in the endzone! TOUCHDOWN!!!!! I am just saying, I have no high school, college, or professional football experience (was a benchwarmer in 6th grade Western Springs football). BUT this 5’7 Irishman has heart and a big arm. So Ryan Pace I say to you, host tryouts and you’ll see I can be the Bears franchise qb!

More steroid issues. Funny how Da Bears can’t win with guys on illegal substances… It is all a total sham! Shamball I call it. All just to trick teams to count us out. Bears football is back baby.

Score Prediction: Titans 3 BEARS 49. Explanation: POLISH SAUSAGE, DITKA, DITKA, SAUSAGE, BEEEAAAAAAARRRRSSSSSS. Howard will rush for over 200 yards, Barkley to Royal/Meredith for multiple scores, Kevin White will be on the sideline pumping up the crowd and dancing with the mascot Staley.

Miller Prediction 20. Yeah beer awesome cool sports! Rock and roll time baby because DA BEARS ARE BACK!!!! I LOVE THIS TEAM SO MUCH RIGHT NOW, BEST TEAM IN ALL OF SPORTS!


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