Apparently Amar’e Stoudemire is a player, and part owner, of the Hapoel Jerusalem franchise in the Israeli Basketball Premier League now, and he decided to give the crowd a free lesson on how to properly set a screen at their game this weekend.

THIS is how you set a screen, kids.

Take notes, kids.

Thank God someone decided this game was important enough to put on television, because watching this whole thing play out is a treat. STAT levels this guy, casually puts his hand up to say “my bad” and the Israeli crowd starts chanting his damn name! That little guard he sent into the next life must’vce had that shit coming to him.

Also, just a fun fact for all you LMBF readers out there, Amar’e gave himself the nickname “STAT” back when he was with the Suns, and it means Standing Tall And Talented. And I mean, he’s not wrong, but

he’s just an asshole