The White Sox are trading Chris Sale, this much we know. The team hasn’t been finalized, supposedly the Nationals lead, but the Red Sox, Astros, Braves and others are still interested. It’s all speculation, and its all fed. Every thing these national reports say was told to them for a reason. I’m not going to write anything on the returns until its official, and even then I’m not going to write much about 19 year olds playing in AA because I am not a scout, and don’t particularly care about them. This piece is purely about trading Chris Sale, which after yesterday, is clearly going to happen. The Sox are leaking to every source to man that they are open to shopping him. Its very clear that a rebuild is about to go down. Chris Sale’s time in Chicago is done.  And there is something I want to say that I don’t see being said enough.

Trading Chris Sale completely sucks. 100% Sucks. Whatever the return is, this sucks. 

The White Sox are trading away their franchise cornerstone, a perennial Cy Young contender who is an absolutely maniac competitor signed for 3 years $38 million for a bunch of completely unproven kids. Chris Sale has been fun to watch every single start despite being on consistently ill-equipped teams. Remember the 2015 White Sox? They were a total dumpster fire, a complete failure. But i’ll never forget the day Chris Sale pulled his pants down and took a big ole dump on the Cubs, going 7 and K’ing 15. That was a blast. I like watching the White Sox in the summer, and Chris Sale makes watching the White Sox 100X more fun. And now we are trading him for a bunch of guys who won’t be much fun to watch next year. Which brings me to thing #2 that needs to be said

How the hell are Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams being allowed to oversee this rebuild??

They couldn’t build a winner around a core of Adam Eaton, Chris Sale, Jose Quintana and Jose Abreu. Seriously, after the 2014 season the Sox looked to be one of the young exciting teams with a bright future, along with teams like the Cubs and Astros. Obviously they weren’t on that level, but the future looked bright, and 2017 was sure to be a year competing for an AL Central crown. How the hell did we get here? Hahn and Kenny stunk, thats how. They can’t build a winner around an absolutely dynamite cheap core. Why are we giving them a 2nd chance to do the exact same thing??? Even if they nail every trade they make this winter, they will probably end up with a worse core than Sale, Q, Abreu and Eaton.

The Cubs have made teams so damn prospect obsessed, these dudes aren’t all becoming superstars. The Cubs didn’t win because of their prospects alone. Jorge Soler hasn’t become the power hitter people dreamed. Javier Baez looks to be more glove than rare power source. Addison Russell hasn’t been more than a league average hitter. Thats ok though, the 2016 Cubs still dominated, because they opened up their checkbook and signed Dexter Fowler, John Lackey, Jon Lester, Ben Zobrist and Jason Heyward. Seriously, imagine that 2016 Cubs team without their #1 and #4 starters, their WS MVP and their leadoff man. They probably aren’t that special. Meanwhile, the Sox have added Melky Cabrera and David Robertson as Free Agents, both on deals smaller than what Zobrist, Heyward, Lackey and Lester got in AAV. They traded for Todd Frazier, who has been good and was a serious upgrade. That was nice . They also traded for Brett Lawrie and the Shark, who didn’t amount to much, but at least that showed they were somewhat trying. And then they insulted all of us and attempted to construct a competitor with the dead corpses of Jimmy Rollins, Dioner Navarro, Alex Avila, JB Shuck, Mat Latos, John Danks, James Shields, Avi Garcia and Adam LaRoche, who were all various levels of completely awful. You can not carry this much dead weight and look me in the eye and tell me you are trying to compete. These guys should not be allowed to try again, they failed, they’re done.

So TL;DR: Make this damn trade already, dragging me through the rumors is just torture. I love watching Chris Sale, and I love watching a competitive baseball team. You have everything in place for a competitive team, just spend some damn money on free agents and plug your holes. Screw you Jerry Reinsdorf, Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams, you were just handed a franchise savant and you didn’t reach the playoffs once, and now you are going to keep your jobs while you trade him for some teenagers (Yes, I understand Jerry can’t actually get fired. Still hate him for this). This is bullshit. I will let Stringer Bell describe my feelings


Start at 2:35 to understand how I feel


P.S: I hope Sale wins 3 World Series for the Nats, and talks poorly about Jerry and Kenny for the rest of his life. He deserved so much better than what he got from those two idiots.