And his name is Wade Davis.

Today, the Cubs officially announced a one-for-one swap: Jorge Soler for dynamite closer Wade Davis. Davis was part of the 2014 and 2015 AL-pennant-winning Kansas City Royals and won the World Series the second year with now-Cub Ben Zobrist.

Davis will fill the role of “elite closer” for the Cubs with the imminent departure of Aroldis Chapman, whom the Cubs acquired during the 2016 trade deadline.

Many Cubs fans are sorry to see Soler go. In June of 2012, the Cubs signed Soler to a nine-year deal. The Royals will have control over Soler for the next four seasons, a major plus to a cap-strapped, small market club such as Kansas City. During his time on the Northside, Soler was plagued by nagging injuries and rarely flashed his immense power, tallying only 27 home runs in 765 plate appearances in the majors.

When healthy, the Cubs just netted one of the game’s elite closers. Davis has posted a 1.18 ERA over the past three seasons, only surrendering three home runs. I’m not the best at math, but it seems like he only surrenders one dinger per year.

And he’s great when it counts:

Davis is only under contract with Chicago for the 2017 season. He is primed to set himself up for a lucrative contract with the soaring rates for closers. If he posts another dominant year in Cubbie Blue as part of an anticipated deep playoff run, he has set himself up for quite the payday.